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Whether you're an adventurous family, a group of friends looking for new experiences, or a solo traveler seeking peace and quiet in nature, Hemsedal can offer a memorable holiday without breaking the bank. Here are our best tips to make your next mountain vacation both affordable and fun.
By: Katarina
4 min
Updated 10 May 2024


Hemsedal is not only known for its beautiful mountain landscapes, but also for its wide range of accommodation options suitable for all budgets. Particularly in the summer, there are many great deals available.

  • Cabins and Apartments: These are perfect for families and groups who want to share costs while enjoying the comfort of their own kitchen. Check out, package deals, farm & guesthouses, and the companies' own booking sites to find the best deal when visiting Hemsedal.
  • Hotel offers: Our local hotels often provide fantastic summer deals, including meals and access to amenities like swimming pools and spas. They offer both packages and room-and-breakfast arrangements to suit most budgets.
  • Camping: For those who really want to disconnect in nature, Hemsedal offers several idyllic spots where you can pitch a tent or hang a hammock under the starry sky. You can choose to check into a campground or stay in the wilderness. Remember to adhere to the Right to Roam.
Hengekøye Liza Arvidsson
Hammock . Foto: Liza Arvidsson
Be enchanted, not broke – explore Hemsedal
Sup fagersetvatn Hemsedal KW

Activities that won't empty your wallet

Hemsedal is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and the best part is, many of the activities here cost little or nothing!

  • Hiking: Explore a variety of scenic trails suitable for all ages and skill levels. A hike to Brekkefossmølla or an exploration around Klokkersteinen and Bygdatunet offers fantastic photo opportunities and is completely free. Of course, you also have all our Top20 peaks and attractions, which you can find in our app, Hemsedal.
  • Biking: Bring your bike and embark on a discovery tour along Hemsila, explore the Hydalen nature reserve, or ride all the way to the DNT cabin at Kljån.
  • Fishing and SUP: Hemsedal has several beautiful mountain lakes, and fishing permits are more affordable if you buy them outside the fly-fishing zone, and you might even catch your dinner. At Grøndøla and Vannen, it's great to paddle a SUP or canoe. If you own a SUP, just jump in the water and enjoy the day, or find rentals at the Hemsedal Climbing Center. Remember, some activities may require a small license or rental fee, but these are still cost-effective ways to enjoy the day.
  • Swimming spots: Taking a dip at one of our swimming spots costs nothing; you can enjoy yourself both at the beach in the center or venture to Grytevatn. For a bit more action, the swimming spot downstream from Rjukandefossen is a great tip.
  • Hemsedal activity park: We have a new activity park in Hemsedal where you can skateboard, scooter, and work out on the exercise equipment. There's also a large playground—just let the school children have the right of way during their breaks. You'll find the park at the school, and remember, it's good to wear a helmet even if you're an adult.
  • Visit farm: Spend a day at our local visit farm, Storøygarden, where kids can meet the animals—a popular and great option for families.
  • Tottelia: Hop on your bike and head to Tottelia right behind Fyri resort, where Hemsedal Rides' playground is located, featuring several loop trails with jumps and turns. Cycling here is free, and there's also a BBQ area for lunch, but remember to bring your own wood.
  • Sports field by the school: Behind Hemsedal School, there's a sports field with a beach volleyball court, basketball, and football field.
  • Hugnadheim and the football field: In the center, you'll also find a skate spot by Hugnadheim, where there's also a basketball hoop and Hemsedal IL's football field, so if you bring a football on vacation, you can always drop by here to see if you can find someone to play with.

You can find more tips on and in our app.

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Food and Drink

  • Eat smart: Our local cafés and eateries offer menu choices that are both tasty and nearly always include some more affordable options. Some places also have special deals, especially aimed at families.
  • Eat outdoors: Choose the nearest store and pick up some treats to cook on a portable stove or at one of the fire pits you'll find scattered around rivers and lakes. There's a lot you can prepare in nature, from stir-fries to stick bread and cinnamon rolls—only your imagination sets the limits.
Skate KH 23 6
Hemsedal activity park

Free or affordable attractions

  • Chasing waterfalls: Don't miss our stunning waterfalls where you can enjoy the spectacle of nature at no cost.
  • Hemsedal App: Check out the Hemsedal App where we've listed various attractions you can visit on a self-guided tour. You’ll find both historical and current photos, along with the stories of each site. This is an educational and interesting way to learn a bit about the history of Hemsedal.
  • Hemsedal Library: Located near Hemsedal School, our library offers a wealth of resources including newspapers and books. There’s also a local corner where you can delve into the history of Hemsedal.
  • Hydalen and Hydalshjallen: One of the most beautiful areas in Hemsedal, this nature reserve offers numerous opportunities for fantastic hikes and bike rides.

Vacationing in Hemsedal doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little planning and creativity, you can create an unforgettable holiday that meets both your desires and your budget. So why wait? Pack your bag and discover all that Hemsedal has to offer this summer!

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