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July 18. - August 7.


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Join in on a spectacular experience - completely out of the ordinary. Stay overnight in the south wall of Røggjin (1370 masl) and experience the Scandinavian Alps in a way you have never done before.

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Join us on a spectacular Via Ferrata trip to Røggjin and enjoy the magical view from your very own climbing tent in the mountain wall. Skysleeping offers a complete and unique experience in nature, including guiding and accommodation in portaledge - a climbing tent that is attached to the mountain wall.

Our competent and experienced guides join the adventure from start to finish, and ensure all the way for your safety and to give you great nature experiences.

At the mountain wall itself, you get a thorough introduction to the climbing and the safety associated with the overnight stay.

The guides facilitate so that everyone can have a good experience, regardless of prior knowledge.

  • The trip is suitable for anyone who is in physical shape to walk 45 minutes to the mountain wall
  • We have a 14 year age limit at our events
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the tent.

Skysleeping's guides provide the safety equipment needed to complete the trip safely. And the tents are equipped with comfortable sleeping pads for a comfortable overnight stay.

Nevertheless, some personal basic equipment is required to participate.

  • Sleeping bag suitable for an overnight stay in the mountains
  • Clothes for a day outdoors, preferably a hat and thin mittens if it gets cold at night
  • Snacks and some drinks
  • Camera, this is an overnight stay worth documenting!

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