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MOH+ bike rental

WEB Image Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Elsykkel L 2 specialized turbo levo comp 2021 elsykke1370079333

MOH+ Bike Rental rents out E-bikes and mountain bikes all summer.

Biking is a fun activity for the whole family and a great way to experience the mountains. We have bikes that fit most people.

MOH + does not just want to rent bikes. We want to offer premium experiences and therefore we have chosen to work with the world's largest manufacturer of high end bikes: Specialized. Electric mountain bikes have become very popular and we have several different models for both children and adults, for rent and for sale.

Our well-balanced, powerful and test-winning Specialized Levo electric bikes give everyone access to powerful nature experiences. Regardless of cycling skills and condition, the strong and quiet bikes give you the strength and energy to experience more of Hemsedal in a simple, efficient and fun way.

Feel free to stop by the store for tips on current bike rides.

Cycling experiences are booked at:

New for this year:

Hemsedal is building Norway's roughest migration path. We have several bicycle models that give you experiences beyond the ordinary. Among other things, the brand new Specialized Status 2021; a bike that handles most things.

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