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If we all follow some ground rules while biking in the trails, we can all have a safe and fun experience
5 min
Updated 08 July 2021

Rules for biking in Hemsedal:

  • Biking is at your own risk. Choose routes that fit your level and fitness. Help others if they have hurt themselves or need help otherwise.
  • Be considerate to others.
    Reduse your speed when your are passing hikers or other bikers. Make them aware that you need to pass. If you are passing from behind it is your duty to give way. Be special aware of crossings.
  • Adjust the speed.
    Make sure you are able to stop if you meet unforeseen obstacles in the trail. Remember the substrate changes due to the weather.
  • Don't make unnecessary stops in the tracks. Look behind you and move out of the way for others. Don't stop in steep hills, turns or jumps.
  • Show respect for nature and wildlife. Don't leave rubbish. "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints".

Biking in the bike park:

  • It is the bikers responsibility to know and follow the rules.
    Follow the signs and instructions for usage of the chair lift and biking. Violation of the rules may cause confiscation of lift pass.
  • Helmet is mandatory while biking.
    Recommended protective equipment (besides helmet) is protection for back, knees and elbows, and gloves.
  • Intoxicated people will be expelled.
    Alcohol and narcotics destroys judgement and performance, something that increases the risk for everybody enjoying the mountains.
  • The lift pass is personal.
    Persons who tries to use the lift with another persons pass will have the pass confiscated.
  • The biker is responsible for its surroundings.
    It is the bikers responsibily to avoid damage to other people, lifts and property.

Common sense in biking

To be able to enjoy trails are not a human right, but a privilege. Follow NOTS (Norwegian Organisation for Mountain Biking) guidelines for common sense while biking:

  1. Be considerate and helpful when you meet hikers.
  2. As a biker you always have the duty to give way for hikers.
  3. Limit your speed so that you do not harm or disadvantage others, especially along roads and trails where speed increases easily, or in unclear areas..
  4. Slow down before you pass others on a narrow path.
  5. Do not make new tracks. If you do not have the skills to avoid an obstacle, get off the bike and walk pass it.
  6. Avoid biking in vulnerable areas after rain.
  7. Do not make the trail wider by biking around puddles and obstacles.
  8. Carry the bike through marshlands to avoid making deep tracks.
  9. Do not use back break in steep trails.
  10. If two bikers meet in a hill, the biker going down hill have the duty to give way.

Corona rules

  1. Do not visit trail arenas if you are quarantined or isolated!
  2. Follow the general advice given by the health authorities, and we encourage everyone to use FHI's infection control app.
  3. It is encouraged to first and foremost cycle with people you know.
  4. Bicycles should not be exchanged / borrowed without thorough cleaning between users, especially handles. The exception is exchanges between close family members or persons in the same household.
  5. Keep a distance from each other. Preferably 2 meters when stationary and 10 meters when cycling.
  6. No accumulations of people. Keep a distance from other groups when you are heaving a break or want to stop.
  7. Be aware of people behind you and release faster cyclists by stopping at bicycle stops or crossroads. Those coming from behind must also show consideration and keep a good distance when passing.
  8. No "high fives" or touches, but feel free to shout "Yeehaa" and encouraging words to each other :)
  9. Avoid taking unnecessary chances. Cycle within your skill level to avoid straining emergency services and health care. If you need help from the emergency room, they must be notified before arrival on tel. 116 117.
  10. Gloves and knee protection are recommended, helmet is still mandatory!

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Biking is at your own risk. Choose routes that suit your level and training.