Hemsedal Climbing Center

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Hemsedal Climbing Center is located in SkiStar Lodge Hemsedal Suites in Hemsedal Ski Resort in the bottom of the childrens area. In the same building you'll find the restaurant O'learys - perfect for an evening of skiing, climbing and dinner.

The climbing center consist of a 14 meter high climbing wall and a large bouldering area. We also have a Moonboard boulderwall and a training rig for those who want to train and get strong.

Bouldering – climbing for everyone
Bouldering is climbing everyone can do. You do not use a rope but have a soft mattress to land on if you loose your crip. Fun for adults as well as children and you do not need to know anything about climbing. Rental of climbing shoes are included in the price. Children under 10 years of age needs to be accompanied by an adult.

  • 1 hour in the bouldering area.
  • Suits everyone
  • Price: 160 NOK per person incl. climbing shoes
  • Online booking: www.bookhemsedal.com and drop in. Start every hour.

Climbing the wall
The wall is 14 meters high and offers climbing challenges for both beginners as well as those who have climbed before. The price includes rental of climbing equipment and a guide.

The climbing suits both children from 4-5 years, youths and adults. Children under 10 years of age must me accompanied by an adult, but the adult does not need to climb. Max. weight for climbers: 120 kg

  • 1,5 hours on the wall
  • Suits everyone more than 4 years of age. Max. 120 kg
  • Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Price: 320 NOK per person incl. equipment and guiding

Online booking www.bookhemsedal.com and drop in. Start every 1,5 hours.

Climbing with a certified climber (Brattkort - Norwegian certification card)

  • 1,5 hours on the wall
  • Price: 160 NOK per person. Inkl equipment

The climbing wall has 6 lines with a total of 10 routes. Difficulties ranges from 4 to 8+. The bouldering area has two parts; half of the area has a vertical wall with simple bouldering challenges suitable for beginners and children. Other half is a three dimensional and steeper wall with some simpler challenges but most ranges from 4 to 7b.

For bookings and more information: www.bookhemsedal.no

Season- /annual pass

It is possible for people with climbing course (toptau-/brattkort) buy seson-/ annual passes to Hemsedal climbing center. When buying an annual pass, you get a key pass to the climbing center and can climb when it suits you. The annual card is personal.


Annual card (from 15 November 2020 - 15 November 2021): Adult: NOK 2,300 / child (4-15 years): 1,150 (assumes purchase of at least one adult card).

Season pass (from 15 November 2020 - 15 May 2021): Adult: NOK 1,800 / child (4-15 years): NOK 900 (assumes purchase of at least one adult pass).