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Hemsedal Climbing Center

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Hemsedal Climbing Center is located in SkiStar Lodge Hemsedal Suites in Hemsedal Ski Resort. You'll find a 14 meters high climbing wall and a large bouldering area.

Hemsedal Climbing Center is located in SkiStar Lodge Hemsedal Suites in Hemsedal Ski Resort in the bottom of the childrens area. In the same building you'll find the restaurant O'learys - perfect for an evening of skiing, climbing and dinner.

The climbing center consist of a 14 meter high climbing wall and a large bouldering area. We also have a Moonboard boulderwall and a training rig for those who want to train and get strong.

You do not need to have any experience to be able to climb in Hemsedal climbing center. Instruction will be given.

Climbing or bouldering: NOK 160 per person
Rental of climbing shoes NOK 40 and climbing harness NOK 40 Instruction cost NOK 120.

For booking and more information

More information about Hemsedal climbing center

The climbing wall has 6 lines with a total of 16 routes. Four routes have autobelay. Difficulties ranges from 4 to 8+. The bouldering area has two parts; half of the area has a vertical wall with simple bouldering challenges suitable for beginners and children. Other half is a three dimensional and steeper wall with some simpler challenges but most ranges from 4 to 7b.

How do you find us and where do you find parking?

Hemsedal climbing center is located at the eastern end of the Alpine suites in Hemsedal ski center. Next to Oleary's sports bar. For parking, the easiest way is to park in short-term parking outside Alpine Suits or Skistar Lodge. Here there is free parking for 2 hours and free after 17:00. For more info on parking see here

Season- /annual pass

It is possible for people with climbing course (topptau-/brattkort) buy season-/ annual passes to Hemsedal climbing center. When buying an annual pass, you get a key pass to the climbing center and can climb when it suits you. The annual card is personal.

For more information on season and annual pass see

Intrest in courses

Hemsedal Fjellsport offers a number of different climbing courses for those who want to learn more about climbing. We organize beginner courses, rock climbing courses, camera rescue courses and instructor courses. For more information see here.


Opening hours

Summer 2023
31 July - 13 August: Every day at 10.00 - 13.00

Autumn 2023
14. August - 1 October: Every Saturday at 10.00 - 16.00
Autumn holiday week 40 (October 2 - 8): Every day at 10.00 - 16.00
Autumn holiday week 41 (October 9 - 15): Tuesday-Saturday at 11.00 - 15.00

We can open for groups.

Contact us on tel. +47 942 14 111 or

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Hemsedal Fjellsport has offers for groups and companies. We offer climbing and mountain activities, activities in the river, team building and group activities. The scheme is adapted to each individual group. Group size can be from 5 to 200 people and the activity can be done where the customer wants

Get in touch and we will create a plan that is suitable for each individual group.

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