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Top20 Hiking Programme


Hemsedal Top20 hiking is one of the most popular activity in Hemsedal during the summer.

The hikes vary in difficulty and length, from the easiest where baby strollers can be pushed, to steeper and more demanding hikes. The easiest hikes are well marked, while directions to the more demanding hikes are kept to a minimum.

The four different dificulities are:
- Green - Very easy
- Blue - Easy
- Red - More demanding
- Black - Demanding

These are the green hikes:
Høllekølten, Karisetberget, Venåshøvda

These are the blue hikes:
Steget, Geiteberget, Storhøvda, Totten, Raudberg

These are the red hikes:
Røggjin, Veslehødn, Storehødn, Harahødn, Kvitingatn, Bjøbergnøse, Skogshorn, Svarthetta

These are the black hikes:
Ranastongji, Kyrkjebønnøse, Buaknuppen, Høgeloft

We recommend buying a Hemsedal hiking map for the more demanding hikes.

Stisykling i Hemsedal


C0 L62 Mt Kqjz
C0 J2 N Ditx Xb
C0 H43al K He0
C0 F Bz Lvt20u
C0 E Lxi3 KY Mq
C0 B5 Bjctcgl