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Workshops with Scandinavian Alps Coffee

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Learn more about coffee - roasting, brewing, tasting - in a workshop in Hemsedals owm micro coffee roastery.

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Short history

This project started because we have always been passionate about skiing and coffee. The main source of our inspiration came from our late grandfather who helped introduce us to skiing in the alps and amazing coffee in his home city of Vienna, Austria. Today we have combined our two passions to make great artisanal coffee in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hemsedal, Norway, "The Scandinavian Alps". We truly believe your surroundings help shape who you are, and who you want to become in life. We want to share our love for coffee and the outdoors, to help inspire others in their surroundings. The goal is to seek out the finest coffees from around the world, hand roast them with great attention and care to bring you a truly unique coffee experience every time.

Adrian Seligman, Head Roaster / Founder

Workshops and booking

We offer workshops in coffee brewing, tasting and roasting. Book as a group or join one of the events we often set up.

Book workshops via AirBnB Experience: See selection of workshops.

Or contact us for a tailored event for your group.