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Tunet Bike Guiding

G0 A4672 Edit

During summer we switch skis with bikes. Join us for a trip in our mountains

We love finding new paths and know the area well. We custom make a guided tour for you and your group, whether you are beginners or feel the need for a challenge on our advanced trails.

Check for our suggested trips. We update the page continuously.

Give us a call and we'll have a chat about what you want.


Opening hours autumn:


Mon 09-13
Tues-Wed Closed
Thur 13-17
Fri-Sat 09-18
Sun 09-16

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C9 FJJ5r K Jp C
C1 Jb D Spq Vm M
Cuoax21 K6y Q
Cu E0 IN2 Krva
Cqs V Ibd KB9 Q
Cqrx3i Xq U Aa