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Welcome to Norway's new trail bike destination, Hemsedal. Here we are building a path for over 35 million the next three years and while the excavators are running at full capacity, and preparing a new lift-based blue flow path opening in July this summer, there is the opportunity to get a taste of the family-friendly path arena Tottelia.

On Friday 2 July, the chairlift opens and then you can try your hand at the first 6.5 km of the entire 10.5 km blue floating trail that opens in September 2021. The start of the floating trail is from the top of the summer-open chairlift Hollvin Ekspress in Hemsedal ski center.

Tottelia is Hemsedal's playground for two wheels. Centrally located between the center and Hemsedal ski center, right behind Fyri Hotell. Here you will find circular trails with green, blue and red grading, a total of 2 km with flow, dosages and jumps for all levels. Here you will also find a cozy campfire for a break with a great view of the valley.

The marked cycle routes can be found in the valley, in the forest, on the high mountains, on gravel roads and trails. All routes are connected so you can cycle to all sights and attractions in Hemsedal.

Rental, guiding and service

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Join us at Tunet sport
on a guided bike ride along hidden paths and mountain peaks

Oskar is the only certified bike guide in Hemsedal and he loves to take you out for a guided ride and give you tips on how to be a better rider.