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Golfalpin Golfcourse Hemsedal

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The golf course is beautifully surrounded by tall pine forests and idyllic small lakes with a vibrant wildlife. A mighty mountain massif lies like a fantastic backdrop to the west together with the beautiful Hydnefossen waterfall, with its 160 meter waterfall. The golf course architect Jeremy Turner has fully succeeded in using nature as a framework for the facility. The whole course is red marked for fast play.

The golf course offers:

• Driving Range

• Great practice areas for putting and chip

• Rental of golf cart, trolleys and club sets

• Proshop with a large selection of equipment, clothes and shoes

• Online store -

• Clubhouse with kiosk

• Excellent parking conditions

• Club affiliation Hallingdal GK

Local rules:

  1. Stones in piles are movable obstacles. Rule 24-1.
  2. Exemptions can be made from all roads and paths. Rule 25-1. 3.
  3. Distance marks are marked in the middle of the fairway measured center green:
    • 100m - red
    • 50m - yellow
    • 200m - white
  4. The outer boundaries of the course are marked with red stakes.
  5. No access behind the green on hole 9.
  6. No access left side towards the cabins on holes 6 and 7. No access along the entire right side of hole 8.
  7. Transverse drainage ditches are GUR with exemption.

Like to play golf and need a place to stay?


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