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When May arrives, the pace slows down in Hemsedal and we enjoy the sun, bird song, and the last remnants of the ski season. May is the month for mountain summit tours in Hemsedal, and this year there are many opportunities with plenty of snow still left in the mountains
By: Katarina
3 min
Updated 31 May 2024

Explore Hemsedal in May and June: A brief guide to adventure and relaxation

As the snow slowly melts in the mountains, new opportunities open up for those of us who enjoy outdoor adventures. From mountain summit tours and the start of the fishing season in May to cycling and climbing as school winds down and summer activities begin in full swing.

Let's start with what you can do in May. This year, Solheisen will remain open every weekend until May 20, and Solstua will serve delicious lunches to those visiting Grøndalen. Summit tours are a big draw to the mountains in May; in Hemsedal, keep an eye on the weather, and perhaps tackle the sun-facing peaks earlier in the day than those in the shade. See our article on summit tours or, better yet, consider booking a guide for your next trip—they know the best paths.

National Day celebration – May 17 and Pentecost

How about celebrating Norway's National Day in Hemsedal this year, a day filled with festivities, parades, and community spirit in the mountains. In Hemsedal town center, you can watch or join the traditional May 17 parade, followed by various activities for all ages at the school. Check out our article on May 17 for the schedule and open restaurants. For the adventurous, Solheisen offers skiing with a festive ski procession down the mountain and a BBQ at Solstua afterwards. This unique combination of skiing joy and national celebration is not to be missed! If you prefer solitude on a mountain peak, a summit tour or mountain skiing might be more your style. P.S. Some of our lower mountain peaks may also be accessible on foot this weekend, you'll find the recommended ones in our Hemsedal app.

Activities and fishing

Spring is the perfect time for shorter mountain hikes and to explore local destinations like Rjukandefossen and Klokkersteinen. The fishing season starts on May 31, and bike trails in Tottelia open as soon as the snow melts. For those who love summit tours, Hemsedal offers both mountain skiing and hiking on our lower peaks. Mountain Cart, horseback riding, and dog sledding on wheels are some of the activities you can join in May.

Hemsedal Høyt & Lavt climbing Park

Opens for the season on June 8, offering fun for the whole family swinging among the treetops. If climbing isn’t for everyone, there are beautiful trails to explore around the park.

Hemsedal activity park

In 2023, Hemsedal Activity Park opened as a paradise for skaters and families. With a state-of-the-art skatepark and playground, this has become a new gathering place in the town center for both locals and visitors, located at the schoolyard in the center near Trøimshallen.


Tottelia Bike Park is open for the season. Here you can play around in flowtrails that are green, blue and red. If you are bringing a picnic, there is a barbeque area but you might hvae to bring your own fire wood. Graveling biking is also up and running for the season, for example the road next to Hemsila is a nice start. Check out the app - Hemsedal for more options as the summer arrives.

C94 A2456
Mountain Cart

Dining and accommodation

Peppes Pizza offers daily meals, and at the outdoor seating of Hemsedal Cafe, you can enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of Trøimsåne. At Skarsnuten Hotel, enjoy beautiful views of the valley and perhaps a relaxing day at the spa. Are you more up for a coffee and lunch, try Arti cafe or Elmas Cafe. There is also a wide selection of affordable accommodation in apartments and cabins scattered throughout Hemsedal.

A night under the stars

We recommend dressing for the weather as days can vary from cool mornings to warm afternoons in the mountains at this time of year. Why not try cooking in nature by one of our many beautiful lakes? Remember there’s a fire ban, in Norway from april until september, read up on what applies in Hallingdal. And if the weather permits, spending a night under the stars in a tent can be the perfect touch.

As you can see, there's plenty to do in Hemsedal in May and June, so come to the mountains and enjoy the spring and early summer with us!

Summer activities