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Whether you are a trail enthusiast, love E-bikes or prefer kicking dirt on gravel roads, you will find a trip that suits you in Hemsedal. Get inspired with the suggestions we have made for you here.
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Updated 27 September 2023

Many of the suggested trips you will find in our Hemsedal app but you can also find some of the unoffical local favourites from webpages like trailguide and trailforks.

Rolling on dirt roads: Hemsedal offers many great gravel roads surrounding both mountain lakes, mountain peaks and forests.
Hemsila rundt (35 km) is a beautiful and family friendly trip along the river from Ulsåk towards Gol, where you can cross the dam Eikredammen if you are looking for a nice lunch spot.
Kongevegen(ca. 20 km) is another great trip on a more rough tractor road, the trip starts at Bjøberg and ends in Tuv (pro tip: when you end the trip, lock your bikes in Tuv and take the bus back to the car, check for bus schedule). If you have more energy to burn you can continue from Tuv towards Fagersetvannet and end the trip with a refreshing swim.

E-bike booster: With an E-bike you will get farther on shorter time and with less (human) energy consumption and a trip up to the hidden valley of Hydalen (11 km from the parking at Fjellstølane by Harahorn) will be a piece of cake. Then you can enjoy the view from Vavatn lake and all the way down to the beautiful valley.
Fanitullvegen (30 km one way) is a classic, where many have used the chair lift as transportation up hill, but with an E-bike everyone can manage Holdeskarsvegen and get a nice trip across the mountain area.

Gisleklute På toppen av sentrumsløypa
New flow trail in Hemsedal
BQ5 Q9245
Discover Hemsedal on both trails and gravel roads
Discover the biking eldorado of Hallingdal rides this summer. Hallingdal rides includes Hemsedal, Gol, Nesbyen, Flå, Geilo and Ål
BQ5 Q9106
In Tottelia you'll find float trails suitable for the whole family

Trail lover: The new flow trail in Hemsedal Ski Resort (opened in July 2021) is of course a must if you're into mountain biking.
From the ski resort you will find a illuminated walking- and biking path, but if you are keen to try more advanced single track biking Elgstien follows the river towards Tuv where you can continue towards Rjukandefossen waterfall. This route is great if you are a mixed group, because it is easy to go out on the biking path if you feel unsure about your skills on Elgstien.
For hardcore mountain bikers the local favourite such as The Forgotten Trail (2,7 km) might be interesting. You can find more tips from locals on and
If you like to combine trail and gravel, the round trip around Storevatnet is a nice combination and if you choose to ride north from the parking at Hestanåni and around, a nice swim in Grytevatnet will complete the trip.

Family Flow: Fun for the entire family can be found in the bike park Tottelia Rides. Here you can either spend many hours modifying your skills or warm up for a longer ride.
If you have the opportunity to bring your bikes on the car, Helsingvatn(approx. 7 km) is a family friendly trip where fishing in the lake or swimming in the waterfalls at the end of the roadis a fun experience for the youngest.
For families that have older children, who can manage longer trips, the trip Vannen rundt (20 km) is a great combination of tarmac and dirt road. If you ride from Hestanåni parking towards south west the trip can end with a refreshing swim in Grytevatnet.

For the road cyclist: Do you get pumped by the smell of tarmac and the feeling of your beating heart? Then Lykkjavegen or Øvre Hemsedalsvegen towards Gol are good options with great views. From the town centre you can ride on Torsetvegen which has less traffic (but no bike lane) and from Ulsåk you will get your leg muscles working hard up hill, but will be rewarded with a pretty view of mountains and lakes, plus many historical buildings and farms along the way.

Read more on summer activities in Hemsedal and check available accommodation. Check also the calendar and find out what's happening while you are in Hemsedal.

Welcome to the mountains!

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Same magazine had an article on our new bike park Tottelia Rides in June 2019, read it here(in Norwegian)

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