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Fishing in private mountain lakes

Inger juni 06

Fishing in private mountain lakes in Hemsedal - Hydalen, Vavatn, Tisleia, Flya and Nøre.

Bilde 14 06 2019 21 39 07

It is possible to fish in some of the private mountain lakes in Hemsedal. We have some information here and there is often, although not always, more information on site. It is not allowed to fish anywhere without a valid licence.

Fishing in Vavatn

The fishing license can be bought at the parking by Oset at the start of Vavatn. Possible to pay with Vipps (for Norwegians) and cash.

Prices 2023, subject to change:
1 day - NOK 100
2 days - NOK 150
3 days - NOK 200
1 week - NOK 300
2 weeks - NOK 400
Season - NOK 600

Fishing in Hydalen

In Hydalen you get a great fishing experience! The fish is of good quality with a great red colour. The Hydalsvassdraget consists of Nord-Hydalsvatnet, Geitevatnet, Sør-Hydalsvatnet and the river that flows through the valley. Only wild fish can be found here.

The fishing license can be bought at the first lake you come to in Hydalen - see location. Possible to pay in cash on site and with Vipps (only for Norwegians). Note for Vipps payment! Pay and take a screen shot before driving down to Hydalen as there is no reception.

Prices 2023, subject to change:
1 day - NOK 100
1 week - NOK 500
1 year - NOK 1000

Fagersetvatnet in Grøndalen

Information about fishing licence on site. Only possible to pay via Vipps.

Slettevatn and Heimretjedne

Fishing permit for Slettevatn and Heimretjedne can be bought at Bjøberg Fjellstue.


Of the Ershovd lakes it is the largest southernmost lake, along with the river Tverråne, that is open for fishing with a private fishing license. In Ershovdtjerna the season lasts until the lake is covered in ice and only pole fishing is allowed. Fishing with an otter is otterly forbidden.

The license may be bought on Vipps to number 813480, the prices show up in the app. (Not accessible to foreign nationals.)

Tisleia in Lykkja

Fishing licenses for Tisleia, Flya and Nøre are sold on


Fishing licence available with payment by Vipps or bank transfer (Norway). See idetails at the large parking by the entrance to Dokkstølen.


Hemsedal Fishing Association

Read more about fishing in Hemsedal on

You can buy common fishing licence at Hemsedal Tourist office, sport shops, petrol station and supermarkets in Hemsedal.

Maps for fishing in Hemsedal, see here

Hemsedal Fishing Association website

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