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Fishing in private mountain lakes

Inger juni 06

Fishing in mountain lakes in Hemsedal - Hydalen, Vavatn, Tisleia, Flya and Nøre.

Fishing in other mountain lakes in Hemsedal

It's also possible to fish in Vavatn and Hydalen (North- and South Hydalen). The fish are of high quality and are typically red in color.

The lakes in Hydalen are Nord-Hydalsvatnet, Geitevatnet, Sør-Hydalsvatnet and the river that flows through the valley.
Fishing in Hydalen is a memorable experience with it's natural population of trout.

Fishing permit for Slettevatn and Heimretjeden can be bought at Bjøberg Fjellstue.

Prices for separate fishing permits, Hydalen and Vavatn:

1 day4080
2 days130
3 days170
1 week200250
2 weeks310
3 weeks400

You buy fishing card to Tisleia, Flya and Nøre at


Hemsedal Fishing Association

Read more about fishing in Hemsedal on

You can buy common fishing licence at Hemsedal Tourist office, sport shops, petrol station and supermarkets in Hemsedal.

Maps for fishing in Hemsedal, see here

Hemsedal Fishing Association website

All fishing in rivers in Hemsedal is closed for the season from 6. September.

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