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The Old Kings Road from Gol, through Hemsedal, to the Western part of Norway was build from 1825 to 1844. The road is passable from Tuv to the fjords.
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Updated 11 May 2022

The road was an important connection between the eastern and western part of Norway, especially for the merchants and salmon lords. Emperor Wilhelm once traveled the stretch between Lærdal and Bjøberg.


The Old Kings Road through Hemsedal crosses the border of Sogn og Fjordane at Eldrevatnet. The road got its name because it was build as an request from the king. Every autumn the working men were obligated to participate in the process of building the road. The payments were very low. They started building the road from Robru in Gol around 1825, and opened the road from Tuv over the mountains in 1844. The Old Kings Road was important for those who had farms in Mørkedalen, and for the people who wanted to trade their goods at the well known market in Lærdalsøyri.

The Old Kings road can be seen by foot or with a bike. You will find four information boards along the road (Venås, Vårstølen in Heimdalen, Ershovd and Eldrehaugen).