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Climbing and abseiling

Klatrebilde 4 med linjer

For everyone who wants to try climbing on 8-12 m high climbing cliffs in Hemsedal.

Klatrebilde 3 med linjer

Climbing and abseiling

For anyone who wants to try climbing and abseiling. The adults can also help secure. The climbing routes are from grade 4+ to 6, and we abseil down a 25 meter long rock face. The climbing field is located in the middle of Hemsedal ski center with Fjellkafeen as a neighbour. The price includes all necessary climbing equipment and lift tickets.

No prior knowledge is necessary, but it is also good for those who have climbed a little earlier. Suitable for everyone from approx. 8 years and up. (For children under the age of 8, the product Family Climbing is recommended.) It lasts approx. 3 hours.

Meeting point at Hemsedal Climbing Center in Hemsedal ski resort no later than 13.45. Here you get a lift pass. Take the lift up at 14.00 and the climbing guide will meet you at the top of the lift. Feel free to bring your bike if you want to cycle down the new floating path. Those who do not have a bicycle are run over by car. Fjellkafeen is open if you want to have lunch there.

Times and booking

For times and booking see

If it is not possible to book on the day you want, it may be because the activity is fully booked. If so, please contact or +47 483 86 018 and we can see if it is possible to set up an extra trip.


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