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Day hikes with HeimVegen

Aalstveit 50

Join a hike in the beautiful mountains of Hemsedal or take part in a tour of Nøreli with a local farmer. We also offer tours with traditional archery or you can combine your hike with meditation and Qi Gong.



Join a hike in høgfjellet with a local guide in outdoor activities that cage here and are well known in the area. You experience the mighty, beautiful and unspoilt høgfjell nature. We emphasize the well-being and safety of the mountains, and the Vegleder tells one part about local traditions and history, the local mountain nature and the culture, plants and wildlife.

Staying sun. June - Oct. Registration at least two days before.
Price: NOK 400, - per person. my 3 max 7 subjects.

Information and registration: mob.90656407

Visit Nørelistøl

Take part in a tour of Nøreli with the local farmer and the guide on his regular round of supervision. I look for the flock of Gamalnorsk Spælsau that goes free in the area throughout the summer. Nøreli is a beautiful cultural landscape, and during the trip you can learn about local history and archeology, plant and wildlife, traditions and peoples' hills.

The trip lasts approx. 5 hours incl. Power bell. The choir I go depends on the weather and the shape of the group.

Staying laughing. June - Oct. Registration at least two days before.
Price: NOK 400, - per person. my 3 max 7 subjects
Information and registration:; mob.90656407

Tour with Traditional Archery

Experience the nature and culture of Hemsedal through traditional archery. You can shoot with modern versions of traditional arcs used to hunt this page prehistoric time. Intro to the arches, the corners of the arch, and equipment were made, and used in hunting and catching traditions here. Shooting at first glance and then we go for a walk with the arches in woods or mountains, stump shooting. Be dependent.

Note; The buenos are ready for vaccination and are not owned by children under about 12 years.

Half-day; 9pm - 12pm. Day trip; 9pm - 1pm

Last Friday June - Oct .. Registration at least 2 days before.

Price; pr. pers. Week half day kr.300, -. Full day kr.550, - (min 3, max 7 subjects per group). Young people (together with one subject and over 12 years) half a day kr.150, -. Whole day kr.250, -.

Information and registration:; mob.90656407

Mountain trip with Meditation and Qi Gong

Experience meditation on a day trip in Hemsedalsfjellet with a local guide in outdoor life, meditation and qi gong. You get guidance in basic meditative breathing techniques, and other methods that provide peace and quiet in addition to Qi Gong; natural, relaxing movements that stimulate the feeling of being one with the mighty, beautiful and unspoiled mountain nature we go in.

Miss thurs. June - Oct. Registration at least two days before.
Price: NOK 400, - per person. my 3 max 7 subjects.
Information and registration:; mob.90656407

Day Course in Sewing and Printing of Saueskinn

Learn how to sew use and decoration in the sheepskin of Gamalnorsk Spælsau. Printing of wooden block patterns.

Date; July 8, Aug 5, Oct. 7th.

Price; kr.500, - incl. guided tours and materials

Information and registration: Kirsten Aalstveit, mob.99320971