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Hydnefossen in Hemsedal is the highest waterfall in Buskerud with a total drop of 475 m and a vertical drop of 155.
2 min
Updated 11 May 2022

Hydnefossen is the highest waterfall in Buskerud measured on total drop.

It is located in the river Hynda (or Hornsbekken) by Hornset in Hemsedal.

The waterfall starts with a vertical drop of 155 meter and continues down the steep slope down to the valley.

For the best views take the road on the Thorsetsiden of Hemsedal or rv 52 between Hemsedal and Gol, as well as the paralell road along rv 52 towards Huso. To get to the paralell road turn to Lykkja (signed) in Ulsåk and after a few km turn right towards Huso (signed).

The waterfall is popular to ice climb in or can be crossed over at the top if you explore one of our Top20 hikes Veslehødn og Storehødn.

Kjerringkjeften, foto: Knut Trøim