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If you are so lucky to spend your holiday in Hemsedal this summer you might want to check out these 10 app suggestions to make your time here more memorable. But remember, no app can replace the old fashioned map and compass.
5 min
Updated 11 May 2022
  1. Safety first With the app Hjelp 113 the rescue services can easily see where you are located if you need assistance. You will also find an overview of the nearest defibrillators.
  2. Planning is important. Before you head out it is important to plan your route and get an overview of the area, distances and maybe picnic areas. With you will get a description of the trip, maps and coordinates. If you choose our one of our Top20 hikes you can check in when you reach the top and sign the guestbook with the DNT SjekkUT app.
  3. Do I need extra clothes? It is always a good idea to bring an extra jacket, since the temperatures might differ quite a lot from the beginning of the trip to the top of the mountain. Yet, it can be a smart move to check the weather before you head out. The app compares the weather forecast from the two most used platforms in Norway; og, so you can choose which one you will rely on.
  4. The bikers helper. Are you wondering where you can find bike trails and gravel roads with less traffic? In our free biking brochure you will find many suggestions, but with the help from app's like and you can find local favourites. Many of these suggestions are not marked, but if you use the maps in the apps it is easier to find your way around.
  5. For the culture enthusiasts. The app Hidden is developed by a local lover of legends and stories. He wanted everybody to be able to see the magic in trolls and "huldra" and developed the app, so that you can find creatures and tales while you are on location.
IMG 5002
Can I eat this?
Sometimes life's a bit easier with an app on your phone
Who is this?

6. What do I hear? In nature you will discover many special sounds, but the most penetrating one is the birds chirping. By recording the sounds the app WhatBird helps you identificate the bird.

7. Where am I? If you feel like showing off your guide skills and let the rest of the company know which mountains and lakes you see, you might need some assistance from the app iSikte. You scan the view with your phone and you'll get the names of the mountain tops and lakes, plus the altitude.

8. What is that? Enjoying nature can lead to many questions about the plants along the way. The app PlantNet helps you identify the plant by taking a photo of it. At the same time you help science around the world collect information on the flora everywhere.

9. Can I eat it? It is important to know which mushrooms you can eat, and which to stay away from, when you go mushroom hunting. Download Digital Soppkontroll and get your answers from the inspectors from the app.

10. The great indoors. Some days the weather might not be with you and you would rather stay in the warm cabin or apartment. Board games and playing cards for the win, but for a fun quiz try the app Kahoot where you can challenge your family and even make your own quiz.

We wish you a joyful stay in Hemsedal.