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Seasonal worker

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Are you interested in moving to Norway and Hemsedal for a seasonal job or maybe stay for a couple of years? Here you'll find information about job offers and activities for seasonal workers. You'll also find more information that will be of interest when moving to Hemsedal.

Welcome you to Hemsedal!

In Hemsedal you have to apply for work directly to the employers. See employer list below for contact details,
Employers in Hemsedal.pdf.
You can call or send an e-mail to the companies that you are interested in. You'll also find available jobs on the different employers social media pages. Please search for the ones that are of interest on Facebook and Instagram.

For accommodation, please check out - Facebook:SesongboligerHemsedal - Fjellnytt - Leie bolig Hallingdal - Sesongarbeider

For jobs, please also see: Sesongarbeider - Jobb i Hemsedal - - Jobb i Hallingdal

In addition these companies have their own career pages: SkiStar - Hemsedal Cafe - Stavkroa.

Please check updated information regarding Covid-19 retrictions for entering Norway from abroad:


You will find Sparebank1 in the town centre of Hemsedal. They can help you setting up an account and ordering a bank card if you need help with that. It is also possible to get your salary transfered to a foreign account number - ask your employer about this.

Tax office South

To work in Hemsedal, if you do not have Norwegian citizenship, you need a D-number. You need a D-number to get a tax card, bank account etc. You can apply for a D-number from the Tax Administration.

Tax South comes to Gol a couple of times a year and then you can get help with this and ID checks will be held at Pers Hotell in Gol.

Here are the dates they come to Pers Hotell in Gol:


Wednesday 1 June - registration deadline 25 May

Tuesday 5 July - registration deadline 29 June

Tuesday 16 August - registration deadline 10 August

NB: There is a requirement for a certain number of people in need of ID control before Tax South travels to Gol. Remember to sign up! Send an email to and/or

For more information, please see

Application for tax card for foreign citizens