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Are you ready for a new season with the rod in hand and the gaze on the water?
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Updated 21 February 2024

Fishing season 2024

Finally, the time is here when we get to take out waders, fishing rods and make new flies to be ready for the start of the season in Hemsedal.

Friday May 31st 2023, is the day to mark in your calender. At 8.00 am the fishing season starts in Hemsedal and you have the opportunity to fish in 4 rivers and 18 lakes on the same fishing license.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online or in stores in Hemsedal.

Maybe your fishing skills are a bit rusty? Book an instructor before you come to Hemsedal and after a couple of days you will be able to pull up the trout all by yourself.

The fishing season 2024 ends Sunday September 15th at midnight.

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With a guide, the catching will come easier
When the fish bites - then the pulse of Hemsedal wakes up again
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Fishing for kids and adults

Are you not completely familiar with Hemsedals fishing areas? Or maybe you want to discover new lakes to fish in? I recommend that you book a fishing guide who can take you to a place that suits you and your skills.

Fishing in Hemsedal