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Hemsedal aims to become a more sustainable destination so that you, as a guest, our residents, and the environment can have a better experience in Hemsedal. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your contribution to making Hemsedal a more sustainable travel destination.
By; Anneli
3 min
Updated 15 January 2024

Norway, with its incredible natural beauty and mountainous landscapes, attracts visitors from around the world. Here in the small gem of Hemsedal, we work tirelessly every day to become even more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Hemsedal has long been known for its stunning natural beauty and excellent skiing and mountain vacations. To continue being recognized for this, we must continue our efforts to be a sustainable destination. In this article, we want to share with you how you can help make Hemsedal even more sustainable for the future.

  • Limit Car Usage and Support Public Transport: One of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact while in Hemsedal or when traveling here is to limit car usage. Carpool with friends or family, or even better, use public transportation. Vy offers buses and trains to and from Hemsedal, and there is also an eco-friendly ski bus that takes you to the ski resort or downtown. All our buses run on environmentally friendly fuel or are electric.
  • Support Local Food and Drinks: An essential part of maintaining a sustainable community is supporting local businesses. Enjoy delicious local products that not only taste great but also reduce the need for food transportation. This also supports a diverse dining experience in the valley.
  • Respect Local Culture and Traditions: Hemsedal boasts a rich cultural heritage, and we encourage all visitors to respect and learn about local traditions. This includes showing consideration for the local population and their way of life. In the Hemsedal App, you'll find many historical places that you can read about and learn more about our history.
  • Support Local Businesses and Shop Locally: When shopping in Hemsedal, choose local businesses to support the community. This also helps maintain the unique atmosphere of the valley.
  • Bring Your Own Bag/Shopping Bag to the Store, So You Don't Need to Buy Plastic Bags.
  • Turn Off Lights When Not in Use: Consider the duration of your showers and avoid excessive indoor heating. This saves electricity and limits light pollution in Hemsedal.
  • Reduce Waste and Pick Up Trash: Sort your waste to limit the amount that goes to incineration and pick up litter you see in nature. This helps protect the environment and provides a better nature experience for everyone. Every spring and autumn, we have both "plikingdager" (plogging days) and clean-up days in nature that you can participate in.
  • Choose Environmentally Certified Businesses: Support businesses that make an effort for the environment. Look for certifications like "Miljøfyrtårn" or similar.
  • Respect Nature: When in Hemsedal, remember to show respect for nature. Be considerate of agriculture and animals, and maintain a safe distance. Keep your dog on a leash and pick up after it. Check out our article on mountain ethics.
  • Be Prepared: Check information on and use the Hemsedal app to plan your trip. Check the weather forecast to dress appropriately and visit for updated information on groomed cross-country ski trails. In the SkiStar app, you'll find useful information about Hemsedal Ski Center and parking options around the resort.

Here you can see a climate forecast for Hemsedal, about how it could be in Hemsedal in the year 2100, if we do not take important climate actions now

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