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Hemsedal, known as "Scandinavian Alps," is a paradise for enthusiasts of skitouring and off-piste skiing. With its majestic mountains and endless possibilities, it's easy to grasp the allure. However, with adventure comes risk, and we have no one to lose. Whether you are a local skier or a visitor, your safety is of the utmost importance.
By: Katarina
5 min
Updated 03 April 2024

Here are some tips and recommendations for those who want to venture into the mountains for ski touring or an off-piste run from a ski resort.

Prepare with the right gear: Before considering setting foot in the mountains, ensure you have the necessary avalanche safety equipment: a shovel, probe, and avalanche transceiver. However, it's not enough just to have the gear; you and your group must also be skilled in its use. Regular training with the equipment is essential to know what to do if something goes wrong.

Knowledge is key: It's not just the snow beneath your feet that matters, but also the knowledge you carry in your head. If you plan to travel in terrain steeper than 30 degrees or approach cornices, you must understand the risks. We encourage everyone to participate in an avalanche course, which will not only enhance safety but also increase the enjoyment of your outings. Find Avalance courses here below. In addition to av Avalanche course you can practise the use of your avalanche transceiver on the training area at the top of Hollvin Express in SkiStar Hemsedal.

Local knowledge can be lifesaving: Even if you're an experienced skier, local knowledge is invaluable. Hemsedal has a range of certified guides who know the mountains like the back of their hand. Providers like Fjellet kaller ved Jørgen Aamot, Hemsedal Mountain Guides, Hemsedal Fjellsport, and Tindeliv, among others, can provide insights into local conditions, hidden dangers, and, of course, the best spots for unforgettable off-piste skiing. We list our guides below so you can easily click and get in touch with the one you think suits you best.

Digital tools: Modern technology has also given us valuable tools to prepare and protect ourselves. Apps and websites like Varsom and provide updates on weather and avalanche risk advice. However, as always, remember that technology doesn't replace common sense or direct experience.

Stay alert: Even with all this preparation, unexpected conditions and dangers can arise. This can include everything from sudden weather changes to persistent weak layers under the snow. It's important to remain constantly aware and assess the situation when you're in the mountains.

Preparedness is everything: Ski touring in Norway can often take you to places without mobile coverage or out of range for emergency devices. This means you and your group must be prepared to make quick decisions and perform companion rescue if necessary. And remember: always check your avalanche transceiver before starting the trip.

Hemsedal offers some of the most exciting and rewarding skiing terrain in Scandinavia. But with great joy comes great responsibility. Before embarking on an adventure, take the time to prepare, acquire knowledge, and always prioritize safety. We have no one to lose, neither visitors nor local hikers. Safe mountain travel is a joy everyone deserves to experience.

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