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Solheisen training center


Solheisen training center offers effective training opportunities for groups and clubs.

Solheisen training center

A good training environemnet, exclusively open for group training.

There is a fixed price including SkiPasses for 20 person each.

1 day - NOK 5000,-
2 days - NOK 9000,-
3 days - NOK 13.000,-


Opening hours:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9.30-15.30

Week 8 & 9: 9.30-16.00

Easter holiday: 9.30-16.00

Solheisen blå


Clj Pg6 DK Ile
Cld7 Sb1 Izkn
Clb V7 HQ Ime X
Cl Ywq5 JI0zm
Cl W Rtm VID Bh