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Hemsedal Utmarksservice

Langrennsløyper Hus Web Kommuneposten

Hemsedal Utmarksservice are responsible for the cross country preparation and maintenance on some of the hiking trails.

C94 A4956

Hemsedal Outlying Service - Hemsedal Utmarksservice

We are responsible for maintenance and quality assurance of cross-country skiing, hiking trails and signage for the trails.

Going cross-country skiing and on our hiking trails is free, but in order to raise money and run Hemsedal Utmarksservice, we depend on contributions.

The major Contributors to us are Hemsedal Municipality, Skistar Hemsedal, Hemsedal Tourist office, volontary contributions and parking fees. In addition, contributions from Hemsedal ELVEEIGARLAG, Sparebankstiftelsen - Hallingdal, Holdeskar road. Other important partners are all landowners and Hemsedal IL cross-country team.

Would you like to contribution to Hemsedal Utmarksservice and the job we do?

We are in the process of making donation possible via Google pay and Apple pay, so look out for the signs around the village.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Parkering fee by Gravset skiarena.

It costs NOK 75,- to park on Gravset Skiarena, at Hestanåni and Trefta. - payment will be avaliable with Google pay and Apple pay soon.
At Gravset ski arena you'll pay for parking when driving out from the parking space. The machine takes cards.

Season ticket costs NOK 1.000,- plus NOK 250,- for the card and can be purchased at the tourist office or contact Ole Nils Aalrust by tel +47 906 44 519 or


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