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Hello, dear electric car friend! Check out our guide for electric car charging in Hemsedal
By: Katarina
2 min
Updated 16 October 2023

Here you will find the information you need to keep your car charged and ready to explore all the things Hemsedal has to offer. For those who plan to spend the day on the ski slopes, there are charging stations available at Hemsedal Ski Resort.

For those planning to spend the day on the ski slopes, charging stations are also available right by the Hemsedal Ski Resort.

On ChargeFinder, you will find charging stations in Hemsedal, and here it is also shown if they are available or not. PS Not all charging stations listed here.

Mer Charging Station:

  • Address: Meierivegen 12, behind Rampa shopping center
  • Charging options:
    • CHAdeMO: 50.0 kW
    • CCS: 50.0 kW

Recharge Charging Station:

  • Address: Hemsedalsvegen 2571, next to Kiwi
  • Phone: 21 49 69 10
  • Charging options:
    • CHAdeMO: 50.0 kW
    • CCS: 50.0 kW

CloudCharge Charging Stations at Hemsedal Ski Center

  • Address: Skiheisvegen 110 and Holdeskarvegen. At Hemsedal Ski Center, you will find over 100 CloudCharge charging stations spread across multiple locations. They offer 13 kW or 22 kW Type 2. Accommodation with charging post at SkiStar Hemsedal

Ragde Charge Park Hemsedal:

  • Address: Hemsedalsvegen 2571, next to Kiwi
  • Charging options:
    • 2 pcs 240 kW CSS
    • 2 pcs 180 kW CSS
    • 2 pcs 120 kW CCS

Harahorn Mountain Farm - Kople:

  • Address: Hydalsvegen 322
  • Charging options:
    • 22 kW Type 2 - 2 pcs

Skiers Lodge - PlugPay

  • Addresse: Høvlerivegen 8, by the Tourist office.
  • Lademuligheter:
    8 x 32 A ladere
  • Mer info fra PlugPay

Skarsnuten Hotel- PlugPay

  • Adresse: Skarsnuten Hotel
  • Lademuligheter:
    14 stk. x 22 kW ladere
  • Mer info fra PlugPay

Additionally, charging is available at Fyri Resort for the hotels guests.

It's important to note that charging points can be occupied, especially during the peak season and also changed or moved. We, therefore, recommend that you check availability on ChargeFinder in advance to ensure a hassle-free charging experience.

Hemsedal wishes you a green and sustainable journey! We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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