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Pizza, pasta and deli
well-stocked deli counter


Deli di Montagna has now opened! We use ingredients that give the best taste experiences. We serve you properly prepared classics, tasty pasta dishes and your favorite pizza. Our staff is happy to help you find a good wine for your meal. Also visit our deli with fresh delicacies. Deli di Montagna - the best of Italian food tradition.

Finally, finally, finally! An Italian restaurant opens in Hemsedal.

Olle Eriksson, perhaps best known as the former owner of Kjøkken Kroken and operator of Havnesjefen at Hvasser, is now making his old dream come true and opens a proper Italian restaurant next door to his O’Learys in the ski center.

Deli di Montagna, which is the name of the cozy and homely restaurant, will i.a. serve classic and well-cooked pasta dishes and pizzas, as well as a good selection of Italian wines. There is a separate deli selling various food products and a deli counter with fresh delicacies.

The restaurant will offer both lunch and dinner.

There will be a separate take-away menu, and if you need help with the party or dinner, Olle and his staff will be happy to help with this as well by offering catering or "chef at the cabin."

- It has always been my dream to open my own Italian place. Italy accounts for much of what enriches life. Warm feelings, socializing, and the love of good food and drink. The simplicity of Italian cuisine where the raw material is in focus. Put all these ingredients together, and you end up with us at Deli di Montagna, says Olle Eriksson.



Opening hours

Open in winter.

Daily 16.00 - 22.00.


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