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Huso Lodge & Farm

Vikings winter

Huso Lodge & Farm is a boutique mountain lodge and event venue surrounded by nature in Hemsedal, Norway. Available all year round for group bookings, weddings, corporate events and private celebrations.

Huso Lodge & Farm is located in scenic surroundings in Hemsedal and is a unique starting point for nature experiences all year round: skiing, hiking, mountain biking and fly fishing.

Huso Lodge & Farm has a selection of large cabins for 12-30 people , as well as intimate apartments with space for 2-4 guests. In total, Huso Lodge & Farm can accommodate 130 guests, making it suitable especially for large groups, retreats, weddings, and corporate events

Every other Saturday during the summer we host Farmers Market to share produce freshly grown and harvested from our farm as well as other culinary delights and hand-crafted items from our local artisan and maker community.

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