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Once the accommodation is sorted, it's time to explore our must-do summer activities and plan memorable experiences. Remember, in our app - Hemsedal - you'll always find plenty of great tips for mountain hikes and other adventures.
By: Katarina
10 min
Updated 14 March 2024

Explore Hemsedal rides

Hemsedal is nowadays also a biking destination, with bike park and flowtrails to play around in. And when you add on the trails in Hallindal rides then we're talking about over 100 km of build mountain bike trails.

Perhaps your adventure begins on our legendary blue flow trail, Silverstone, where, like a race car, you playfully make your way down the mountain on all the berms, jumps, and bumps right down to the base. Silverstone is a spectacular flow trail, a paradise for those who enjoy berms and turns, tailor-made for those with the skills to handle more than just the basics. For those a bit more rookie, start your biking adventure in Tottelia first – the ultimate playground for fine-tuning your technique. Once you've got the hang of it, just hop on the lift and head towards Silverstone and the other gems waiting at the top.

At the top of the facility, you'll find no less than 4 flow trails of varying grades. Broadway is a green multi-use trail that you can both walk and cycle, taking you out to Sollaustbekken and an epic waterfall, where the view over Hemsedal's mountain landscape takes your breath away. Chill at the new shelter before either cruising back or exploring the blue High Line or the red flow trail. High Line winds up and down the mountain by Totten, and with its flowy bumps and turns, the whole gang will enjoy themselves, regardless of age.
Last summer, the red "beast" of a mountain bike trail for those a bit more hardcore among us was completed. This bad boy winds down towards Fyri Resort and Tottelia Rides, packed with natural features, technical challenges, and loads of airtime that gets the adrenaline pumping. With options for both the wild and the slightly less wild, the entire more advanced biking crew can dive in and have a blast together.

The first weekend of July, you can join us for Hemsedal Trail Daze, a 4-day bike festival with exciting challenges behind the handlebars, both up and down. Read more about Hemsedal Trail Daze here.

For those who love to find their own trails or for you who are wise enough to book a bike guide, there are plenty of cool trails to be found in Hemsedal. And remember, Hemsedal is part of Hallingdal Rides – the holy grail of trail biking in the region. With the car ready, you're never more than a short drive away from some of the most epic trails Europe has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Let trail biking in Hemsedal blow you away this summer!

For food and coffee breaks, head to the Fjellkafeen or Lodgen Spiseri open when the lift operates, or Fyri Sport Club, open all year round.

Activities in the area around SkiStar Hemsedal

For more fun, why not whizz down the slopes on a three-wheeled mountain cart, where anyone from 10 years old can drive their own cart down the mountain. Ready to push the limits a bit more? Dive into Via Ferrata or test your rappelling skills for a true cliffhanger experience, together with Hemsedal Fjellsport you can have lots of fun in Hemsedal. For a more relaxed pace, we recommend a mountain hike to the Topp20 peaks Totten or Røggjin where you can quietly enjoy the view of the mountains.

Ready to give the gravel roads in Hemsedal a real go?

If you haven't tried an electric bike yet, it's time to step up your game! Electric bikes are the hottest thing right now, and they're a game-changer for all of us who love speed but could do without the brutal uphill battle. Swing by in the middle of Hemsedal, Fyri Sports Club, or SkiStar to snag an electric bike, and set your course for mountain adventures.

In the wild Hydalen nature reserve to the north, you're served views that knock you off your feet – Enjoy the view over Harahødn, Vavatn, and Ranastøngji. And hey, don't forget to check out Hydalshjallen, Hemsedal's own little adventure that matches the Trolltunga vibe. Trust us, this trip is as magical in summer as it is in autumn. Get ready to ride!

20230714 Hemsedal Sentrumsstien Foto Lars Storheim 10
20220901 Hemsedal to nye stier Foto Lars Storheim 7
High Line
953 A2495 kopiera
View at Storhøvda

Mountain hike for the whole gang

Ready for an adventure that requires nothing more than a pair of good shoes and a bit of a sense of adventure? Storhøvda is calling! This isn't just a hike; it's an experience that serves up Hemsedal's most beautiful views on a silver platter, and perhaps the best hike of them all? It's an easy mountain hike suitable for most people – yes, you heard right, the whole family can enjoy this hike together.

At the top, a green carpet invites you to an idyllic picnic while you admire the majestic Skogshorn on one side, with lakes stretching towards Lykkja in the distance. Turn your gaze the opposite way, and you're met by Hydnefossen and the impressive mountains Veslehødn and Storehødn. For the more experienced mountain hikers, this is also an ideal route for an evening walk or a refreshing dog walk, a hike that the active can complete in just one hour.

This is the spot in Hemsedal where you get the very best view over the valley's pride, Skogshorn. Pack your backpack, bring along both grandma and little brother, and set out on a memorable adventure!

C94 A1587
Playing around in mountain pools

Explore waterfalls and mountain lake gems

Ready for a tropical experience without heading to the Caribbean? In Hemsedal, there are waterfall vibes that rival the tropical ones (minus the palm trees), but with just as much wow factor. Imagine ice-cold mountain water and nature so fresh it's almost unfair, and there you are, sitting on a rock in a waterfall... that's a vacation.

Our mountains hide treasures in the form of rivers and streams tumbling down with waterfalls so beautiful they make you forget all about saltwater. Looking for the ultimate swimming pot? Fekjanånefossen is the place you're seeking. Here are waterfalls and pools screaming to be dived into. Go on an exploration, find your own private oasis, and while you're at it, why not add Fekjanrunden or a trip to Storhøvda or Gjeiteberget for the ultimate pre-swim hike? Just remember that it's not all waterfalls that are suitble to swim under, especially the big one are a - no go.

When the thermometer shoots up, nothing beats a deep dive into one of Hemsedal's sparkling mountain lakes. Grytevatn, hidden along a mountain farm road on the way to Lykkja, is our little secret. With cliffs ready for sunbathing and sandy bottoms for the little ones, plus – spoiler alert – Hemsedal's warmest water, this place is an all-day affair.

The beach in the middle of Hemsedal is the epicenter for summery swimming days, complete with fine sand, green lawns, and chill-out spots for your picnic or take-away lunch. Perfectly placed next to Hemsedal Cafe, Arti Cafe, and Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park, this spot has everything for a perfect day by the water. We remind you that Hemsila has strong currents in places, so keep an eye on swimmers both big and small.

And for you adrenaline junkies, how about a swim at Rjukandefossen? Not directly under the waterfall – there are underwater currents that are life-threatening. But downstream after the suspension bridge, here's the perfect swimming spot for those who like jumps from rocks and cliffs that give you the real wilderness feeling. Remember, there are strong forces at play here too, so keep an eye on your friends when you swim. If you take a left when you enter the path from the parking lot, you'll come to the right place.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Hemsedal's natural water parks and get ready for a summer filled with wet and wild adventures!

AC5 I5862 2
Find your own water park
Sup Grøndøla Hemsedal KW 3
SUP in Grøndøla

Daydream while canoying at the Vannen lake or try SUP at Fagersetvatn

Ready to lower your pulse and glide through Hemsedal's tranquil waters? Whether you're looking for family fun or zen, we have canoe trips that will make your knees weak. At Hemsedal Fjellsport near the climbing center, you can rent a canoe and choose your own adventure among the mountain lakes – Fagersetvatn, in the beautiful Grøndalen, or Vannen, where you can look for Skogshorn reflected on the water surface. Imagine a night under the stars on an island, with the fire crackling and the tent waiting. Yeah, it's as idyllic as it sounds.

And for you SUP enthusiasts, forget all about the gym – this is core training with a view. Hemsedal Fjellsport has SUP-boards ready for action. Fagersetvatn and along Grøndøla are the places to be to feel the sparkling, emerald-green water beneath you. Imagine the peace as you paddle through the still nature, only interrupted by the sound of the paddle breaking the water surface. Pack the snacks and swim trunks, for this is the type of chill you won't find anywhere else.

So, whether you're team canoe or SUP, Hemsedal delivers the perfect surroundings for unwinding and recharging.

AC5 I4924
Beautiful canoe spots in Hemsedal
Experience the pulse of unforgettable experiences in Hemsedal
Hydnekjaften by Veslehødn

Strap on your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure – Veslehødn and Hydnekjaften are waiting!

Explore one of Hemsedal's most iconic mountain hikes and enjoy more than just a majestic view over Hydnefossen. A small detour to Hydnekjaften (also known as Kjerringkjeften) is highly recommended, but beware, it is steep with no safety measures, so all travel is at your own risk. Legends from Hemsedal tell the story of how this particular carving in the mountain came to be, and according to locals, the missing part of the mountain comes from the well-known Klokkersteinen in Ulsåk.

The trail leads you up the mountainside, past the top of Hydnefossen, and around the idyllic Hødnetjedne lake before you take the last meters up to the top where you are rewarded with a spectacular view over Storehødn and the vast Hemsedal landscape towards Gol, Ulsåk, and the center. If you dare to venture near Hydnekjaften, it is filled with dramatic views down the mountainsides, so if you're afraid of heights, a visit to Veslehødn might be a safer first choice ;) But no need to worry, this hike is excellent for families and can be adjusted in length as desired!

And remember, we love to see your adventure photos – share them with us on social media @/#hemsedalcom and #hemsedaltopp20.

STL lvesnorkling Hemsila 27
Snorkling in river Hemsila

Are you ready to dive into a world where mountains meet water and trout swim around your feet?

Forget the salty waves of the south – Hemsedal offers youriver snorkling, a wild, daring, and untraditional water activity that takes you straight into the river's pulse. Imagine swimming side by side with mountain trout, as the current carries you through crystal clear water towards the heart of the village. The underwater view is nothing short of spectacular, with an underwater landscape rich in flora and fauna revealing itself right in front of your snorkel.

With an experienced guide by your side, who knows every nook and cranny of the river, you're guaranteed to find the best spots to spot the coveted trout. And fear not the cold – they equip you with a wetsuit that keeps you warm and ready for exploration. Ready to step into the river's adventure? Check out to book your spot and for more information. Dive into Hemsila's hidden world – an adventure you will not soon forget.

Bilde 07 07 2022 20 27 04 2

7. Golf in the mountains

Regardless of whether you are an active golfer, or have picked out your old golf clubs during the pandemic or are a newbie, you will be very satisfied with the offer in Hemsedal. Here we have two of Norway's most beautiful mountain golf courses, the recently renovated 9-hole courseGolf Hemsedal in Grøndalen and the 18-hole course on Hemsedal Golf Alpin on the border between Hemsedal and Gol.

Golf Hemsedal has new owners and the course has been upgraded, here they have renovated almost everything on the course. The special thing about Golf Hemsedal is the surroundings, here you hit over rivers and small bridges, while enjoying the view of magical mountains. End the round with something good to eat or drink at Golfstua.

Golf Alpin
golf course at Granheim is our 18-hole course which is located right next to the rv. 52 and with fantastic views to Hydnefossen and Hemsila. Here you will find one of Norway's best pro shoppers and Bent Ellingsen, who works as a pro on the course, can help you improve your swing. On hole 19, pizza and drinks are served after you have finished for the day.

953 A9451 kopiera
Hemsedal Golf i Grøndalen
953 A7394

Delicious meals, outdoor dining, and Coffee from Hemsedal

Whether you're craving authentic local cuisine or looking for the perfect hiking snack, you'll find it in Hemsedal.

A visit to Hemsedal isn't complete without delving into our local cuisine. Several restaurants offer delicacies, from wild-caught meat and fish supplied by Tamt & Vilt and Hemsedal Hjort, to exquisite cheeses from Himmelspannet. At Tuv, you'll find the local Flatbrødbakeriet, where you're served everything from "gofalefser" and "lapper" to homemade pizza.

Explore local shops to find ingredients that elevate your outdoor cooking skills to new heights. Imagine a locally sourced BBQ with sausages from Tamt & Vilt and flatbreads from Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri, prepared at a campfire along Hemsila, it's both sustainable and cozy.

Are you also a coffee lover? Then you must try Hemsedal's own coffee roasted by Scandinavian Alps Coffee Roasters. If you're unsure which flavor suits you, join coffee guru Adrian for a coffee tasting, and you can find the coffee at grocery stores in Hemsedal or online.

For more insider tips on where to find the best local ingredients, check out our article "A taste of local food". And to dive deeper into Hemsedal's restaurant world, take a look at our guide to dining experiences. Join us on a taste journey where nature's bounty meets culinary art in Hemsedal.

Our small villaged of Hemsedal has a lot to offer food wise, whether you want to try our local delicacies in a restaurant or as a snack to take on your hiking adventure.

DSC06172 2
Local delicaties
Bilde 22 06 2023 14 20 14 1
Visit the farm Storøygarden

Animal Adventures – From Mountain Horseback Riding to Farm Visits and Dog Sledding

In Hemsedal, unforgettable experiences await animal lovers and adventurers alike. From the soothing magic of a horseback ride in Lykkja, where you, in harmony with your four-legged friend, explore the magnificent landscape, to life on the idyllic Storøygarden – a visitor farm in central Hemsedal where you can get up close with farm animals and enjoy locally produced food in the heart of summer. Here, among goats, sheep, and a plethora of other farm animals, the family offers a warm welcome with opportunities for swimming in the waterfall and basking in the sun.

That's not all; Hemsedal also does not disappoint those seeking thrills with dog sledding on wheels. Experience the speed and excitement of being pulled by a dog team on wheels, an activity available almost daily throughout spring, summer, and autumn. This hour-and-a-half-long adventure includes both the ride and the opportunity for close contact with the friendly dogs.

Whether you dream of the tranquility of riding through mountainous landscapes, wish to experience farm life up close, or feel the rush of dog sledding, Hemsedal offers unique and memorable experiences for everyone. So why wait? Dive into the adventures waiting in Hemsedal's beautiful nature.

Horseback riding
Familieklatring hemsedalfjellsport 14 NEB 9 small

Dive into Hemsedal's Vertical World – Where Thrill and Adrenaline Meet the Spectacular!

Whether you're an experienced climber or a novice, Hemsedal Fjellsport offers climbing experiences that lift you to new heights and let you see nature from a completely new perspective. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert instruction, you're ready to tackle steep cliffs and experience mastery. Check out what you can join:

- Via Ferrata - A secured climbing route that lets you feel both adrenaline and mastery, open to everyone over 12 years old. The journey requires some muscle, but hey, it's worth it when you see the view from Lille Røggjin.
- Family climbing - An adventure for the whole gang, designed for families with climbing-enthusiastic children over 4 years old. Perfect for little explorers who love to conquer stone and mountain.
- Indoor climbing - Fancy a day inside? No worries! Hemsedal Climbing Center offers indoor climbing with walls and bouldering for all levels – perfect for refining your technique or just having fun.
- Climbing and abseiling - Feel the thrill of climbing up and soaring down from cliffs – all without prior knowledge. Just join in and enjoy the ride down from 25 meters.
- Mountain climbing - For the experienced climber who wants to explore the mountain with a guide, delve deeper into advanced securing techniques and routes.

Fjellsentralen and Tindeliv also has several different courses and climbing guides for all levels and desires.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to redefine your own definition of adventure? Hemsedal stands ready with open arms and mountain-ready challenges. Book your climbing experience now, and prepare for an experience that will make your heart race and your soul sing. Let the adventure begin!

Trail biking

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