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When in Hemsedal, you must try our local delicacies. You'll find them in at the grocery store or maybe buy them directly at the supplier. There are also fantastisc possibilities for local food as take-away or just regular take oaway of course. We thought we would give you a little guide on where to find all the goodies that gives your stay the extra touch.
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Updated 03 February 2024

Check out our local delicaties

From south to north in Hemsedal you will find a lot of local goodies that you can buy with you home to the cabin or when you drive home after the holiday trip.

If you come from Oslo / Gol, you first come to Ulsåk. At Ulsåk you find the supermarket Kiwi with long hours and everything you might need.

The supermarket Spar at Rampa Shopping Center in Hemsedal town center has a strong focus on local products. Also at CoopExtra in the town center you will find a small selection of local products.

IMG 8474
The Flatbread bakery
DSC06172 2
Patches at Hemsedal Flatbread Bakery

Snacks to the cottage

Himmelspannet in the middle of Hemsedal center, this is a little gem of a dairy that you just can not miss. Handmade cheeses made from delicious milk from cows and goats in our beautiful valley. The cheeses have names from some of the beautiful peaks and landmarks here in Hemsedal and they have won many prizes in, among other things, the World Cheese Championships and the Norwegian Championships. You can find the cheeses in the grocery stores in Hemsedal.

For the cheese, bread may be needed and you will find it at Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri which is located on Tuv, 5 km from Hemsedal center towards Bergen. Here you can buy flatbread, lefsekling, gofaleser for coffee, patches and much more. They also have a cafe, Ein Smak tå Hemsedal, where you can enjoy a "coffee with something to eat" as the locals say. You will also find potato loaves for the grilled sausage and rum bread for Småmaten. In addition to shopping on site, you will also find the products in the grocery stores in Hemsedal.

Speaking of small food, this national dish to Hemsedal you can find at several of the grocery stores.

At Hulbak is Brandvoll Fjellgaard where you will find everything possible for the weekend dinner. Here you can buy local lamb, urfe meat, cured meats, mountain trout and potatoes. If you need firewood in the fireplace, Arne can help you with that and you can also buy a nice leather for the easy chair so you stay warm and good in the evening.

IMG 1215
Meat from Hemsedal Cafe and Brandvoll Fjellgaard

Take away or cook at the cottage

Many of our restaurants serve magically good food and you can take it home with you. Under take away in the menu, you will find all our restaurants that fix the food for your home. Such as Logden Spiseri who make everything almost ready for you and you make the final touch at home at the cabin. At Italian Deli Di Montagna you can get both pasta and pizza as take away. At Hemsedal cafe you can bring everything from the menu home and just enjoy everything from delicious pizza, ramen soup and chicken thai to meat from Brandvoll farm.

At Ulsåk you will find Hemsedal's Chinese restaurant, China Garden.

If you want to try the star chefs' food in place, remember to book a table in time as it is often fully booked.