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The most beautiful thing about Hemsedal
are the mountains

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The mountains of Hemsedal is amazing, and they are extra spectacular when you experience them from the top. When you stand on top and look out, then you realize that in Hemsedal there are endless of opportunities for both adrenaline-filled and devotional experiences.

Hemsedal with its alpine-like mountain peaks is an eldorado for hikers. With 450 km marked trails, there are hiking opportunities for everyone. We've got it all, from easy walks along gravel roads on flat terrain down in the valley to trails up in the mountains. The trails stretch from the valley, along rushing waterfalls and rivers towards the high mountains, and up to peaks with wonderful views. Are you looking for adventurous places to swim in pools or waterfalls or maybe you just want to enjoy the sight of beautiful waterfalls? Then we recommend you take a look at our article Waterfall hunting.

One of Hemsedal's most popular activities is the hiking program Top20 with marked hiking trails to 20 different peaks in the area. The trips vary in degree of difficulty and length. From the lightest, Høllekølten, with a gravel road all the way to the top, to those that are somewhat longer, a little steeper and to the more demanding full day hiking trips. Maybe the goal is Hemsedal's highest peak Høgeloft?

A little further down the page you will find links to all the 20 peaks and there you can see how long the hike is, degree of difficulty and directions on how to find the way to the starting point for the trip, with marked starting point. On several of the hikes you can choose an alternative way down, or go on a longer round trip or climb several peaks on the same hike. Remember to bring a map and compass on the trip, and follow the Fjellvett rules. There is no shame in turning around.

For each top, a separate souvenir pin can be bought at the Tourist Office or in the sports shops in the valley. This is a perfect motivating factor for the smaller children in the family, but also fun for us adults.

Have a nice trip.

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