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Mikael "Micke" Jönnson is our head chef and an important reason why we get top scores in the quality audits we carry out every single year. It is he, and his team, who ensure that we have "world-class local catering", and that the food is experienced as a "symphony of flavors and colours". This is exactly how Quality Support describes the experience in its report on Lodgen Spiseri.
By: Lodgen Spiseri
2 min
Updated 28 June 2023

It's probably not just because we get top scores from quality inspectors that both we and our guests love Micke, it's because he is considerate, approachable and calm. He takes pride in ensuring that both the bolognese, the vegetarian dishes and the a la carte dinner in the evening must be of the highest class, that it is a feast for the eyes and the palate. For Micke, it is important that everyone should find something on the menu that suits them, regardless of age, preferences and allergies.

When Micke puts together the menu at Lodgen Spiseri, he uses his own private dining experiences and memories as inspiration. This means that our menu can best be described as Scandinavian dynamite. When Micke came to Hemsedal, he had cooked for all Swedish dance bands, the fife on Samsø with fantastic ingredients, the Swedish navy and at the Melodi Grand Prix. There are many great artists who have benefited from Mick's cooking skills. He has cooked for Magnus Uggla, Lady GaGa, Jay Z, Rammstein, Bob Dylan, Cliff Richard, Tom Jones and Fleetwood Mac, secretly of course. Micke has no whims for that reason and finds it exciting to put together menus and cook at Lodgen Spiseri, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, is a cafe with a large selection of cakes and waffles, in addition to having a bar and bar menu.

We are overjoyed that we managed to persuade Micke and his family to take the moving load from Malmö to Hemsedal in 2015. Now the whole family is gathered here in Hemsedal.

Micke, and the entire rest of the team at Lodgen Spiseri, are looking forward to creating great dining experiences with the wonderful ingredients we have on the mountain.

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