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In Ål you can go biking on the high mountains or in the two bike parks

Ål is 45 minutes by car from Hemsedal. But if you take a bike or car over the mountain behind Hemsedal ski resort, you enter Ål municipality right after Flævassdammen, a short 10 minutes drive from the ski resort. On the mountain behind Flævasshytta and down towards Bergsjøen and Leveld you have nice trails and gravel roads you can enjoy. If you want to bike on prepared trails and in a bike park, you have to go to Ål town center.

A tip if you like gravel road biking, is to bike over the mountain to Ål and continue down the river to Gol, here you can choose whether you want to bike further up to Hemsedal again or whether you simply take the bus up to the mountain again. This is a nice round trip on gravel and bike trails that suits most people.