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Like everywhere else, Hemsedal has many areas and it may not always be easy to know where you are going when you have booked the horse back riding or are going on a mountain hike. We will try to help you with what our areas are called and where to find them
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Updated 01 February 2024

We start when you enter Hemsedal from Oslo / Gol via road 52. Then you first come to Granheim golf course and Hemsedal Golf Alpine which is located by Eikredammen.
We continue along rv 52 and you drive past Hjelmen which is known to be, the coldest place in Hemsedal. From Hjelmen, the view towards Hydnefossen is one of the most beautiful in Hemsedal.

After this comes the exit road to Langeset, here the road goes up to the Top20 peaks Veslehorn and Storehorn. This and here we have our waste reception.
If you are going moose watching in the summer, this is one of the roads that we recommend driving at dusk.

After this comes Svøo and Ulsåk. Here you will find many of the construction stores in Hemsedal such as Monter, Maxbo, Fargerike and Hemsedal VVS. You'll also find the chinese restaurant China Garden, Silvia hairdresser, local food producer Spekeloftet and artisan coffee roastery Scandinavian Alps..

In Ulsåk you can take off to Lykkja, Gravset and Huso.

In Huso you will find Huso Lodge with cozy cabins and apartments that are well suited for families and groups. In Huso is also Hemsedal Huskies and this is where dog sledding starts in the winter.

Gravset is the place where you will find our cross-country stadium. Here is the start of the Top20 top Storhøvda and here you come on the path Finnstien which takes you down to Ulsåk.

On the way up to Lykkja, you drive past Vannen, where you will find canoes for rent by Hemsedal Fjellsport.

You also drive by many beautiful fishing lakes such as Helgetjedne, Helsingvatn, Attjern and Storevatn.
Just before the Hestanåne car park, there is an exit road towards Blommeslettane and the bathing area by Grytevatnet. Along this exit road you and many beautiful bike and hiking trails towards Golsfjellet.

When you continue towards Lykkja then you'll pass an exit road to the left that goes to Fekjastølen. This is where you have starting points for summit hikes on Nibbi and hikes from Fekjastølen to the city center and to Ulsåk. There you will also find Fekjanånefossen which is one of the waterfalls in our Chasing waterfall article.

KAT 4237
The mighty Skogshorn can be seen on the way up to Lykkja
Ulsåk as seen from Hemsedal open air museum
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Hemsedal city center

If you continue a little further you will come to the parking lot of Skogshorn and after that Jonstølen will come to the west where Stølsrock is arranged every summer.

In Lykkja you will find Lykkja chapel, Haugen farm and Skogshorn rideleir with horse riding and sleigh rides.

If you follow this road further, which is also called Panoramaveien, you will come to Valdres and E16 and can take a round trip via Golsfjellet or Hemsedalsfjellet back to Hemsedal again.

IMG 5654
Hemsedal city centre seen from Steget
DJI 0135
Hemsedal ski resort

Hemsedal Ski Center - Totteskogen - Holdeskaret

One of the most famous places in Hemsedal is Hemsedal Ski resort. There has been a ski center here for almost 60 years and the area is constantly evolving.

In winter, alpine skiing is the first in the series of activities we do here, in addition you have world-class après ski, indoor climbing hall, Via Ferrata and tobogganing with Snowracers down the slopes.

In the summer, this is the base area for our cycling venture. New bicycle paths are being built here and you will also find Skistar's bicycle rental and sports shop as well as a restaurant here. At Alpin Lodge there is also a beach volleyball plan for play and fun. In the ski center you can also try Mountaincart in the summer, these are tricycles that you take up in the lift and then ride down to the bottom, very fun. You can also take the lift up and enjoy a mountain hike to the Top20 top Totten or stroll around the nature trail that starts at the top of the Hollvin lift.

You have several different areas here, including Totteskogen where the new hotel Fýri Resort with a top class restaurant and its own pool club. Many new apartment complexes are also being built here, such as Snøya and Totten Lodge.

In Totteskogen you will also find roller ski trails and the family bike park Tottelia rides.

If you go up towards Holdeskaret you will find Skarsnuten Hotel and Skigaarden which is beautifully situated along the mountainside and looks out over the valley floor.

Skarsnuten Hotel is the starting point for Via Ferrata.

If you continue inland, you come to Holdeskaret and towards Flævassdammen and Flævasshytta. Here there are many opportunities for great mountain and bike rides as well as cross-country trips in the winter. There is a gravel road inwards from Skigaarden and in the winter the road will be closed to through traffic. In the summer you can drive over to Ål and Bergsjøen this way. Along this road you will find both the Top 20 peak Røggjin and the hike to Buaklanten.

DJI 0799
Tuv and in towards Grøndalen

Tuv - Grøndalen - Harahorn - Hemsedalsfjellet

This covers a large area and is also where Hemsedal meets Western Norway.

Even though Tuv is a small village it is home for one of the schools and kindergardens in Hemsedal. In Tuv you will also find our local bakery and cafe Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri where they produce local baking goods such as flat bread, "lefse", "gommokaku" etc. At Tuv you will also find the old bus station Fausko, where they also offer accommodation. The beautiful waterfall Rjukandefossen is one of our most popular sights and this is also located in Tuv along the main road 52.

In the valley of Grøndalen you will find the smaller - but sunnier - Solheisen ski resort. During winter they offer alpine skiing, and cross country tracks along the road. During summer Hemsedal Golfklubb offers a 9-hole golf course in beautiful surroundings. Further in you will find many roads and trails for biking and hiking.

If you drive up the mountain road towards Harahorn and Vavatn lake you will pass the beautiful Harahorn hotel. Here you will find several of hiking trips in the Top20 hiking programme and also the short hike to the view point of Hydalshjallen. If you continue along the road until it stops you will arrive at a small parking lot where you will find a box for purchasing fishing lisence in the lakes you will pass on your way there. The valley of Hydalen is a protected nature area and contains many plants and wild life to cheerish.

The area from Tuv towards west, with Lio, Ershovd and Bjøberg along the road, is called Hemsedalsfjellet. The area is particular popular for ski touring in winter and spring and for hiking during summer. When you reach Eldrevatn lake you will be entering the region of Sogn and Fjordane and exiting Viken region and the municipality of Hemsedal.

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IMG 3663