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Welcome to our brand new flow trail center. Enjoy green, blue and red level biking in the Scandinavian Alps. Challenge yourself in dosed turns, jumps and berms or play around in Tottelia Bike Park.

Blue flow trail - Silverstone

In Hemsedal Rides you enjoy one of Norway's roughest flow trails and fantastic views at the same time. You take the lift up with your bike, and the trail begins as you get off the lift and starts with a small loop up into the terrain before you cycle down towards Skigaarden and continue down towards the bottom of the ski center. This summer, the entire flow trail will be completed and it will open when the lift starts to run for the season. That is 8 km with a continous flow trail to the bottom of the ski center and for those who want to cycle several laps in height, a return path has been built to Fjellkafeen, which gives a round of approx. 2.3 km.

- It's like biking a roller coaster, says one of many who tried their hand at the flow path during the opening weekend.
- This is so cool, can't belive I'm in Norway, it is absolutely fantastic!

We suggest that it can be good to take it a bit slow the first ride so you know how the trail turns and where the big and smaller jumps are.
After the first part on top of the mountain, you can turn right to follow the trail back to Fjellkafeen and the start of the trail again. There are many stops along the trail that are marked and we recommend everyone to take a break from time to time to catch their breath, shake off lactic acid and look at the fantastic views.

Look at the map of the flow path here in jpg or in pdf.


Tottelia is our family park which you will find between Fyri Hotel and Hemsedal Ski Centre. Here, you can enjoy gravel trails with varying degrees of difficulity marked with colors green, blue and red. We recommend that you try out Tottelia before heading for the the new blue flow path. In Tottelia, there is also a barbecue area and it is a cozy area where the whole family can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Hemsedal.

Further development

In September, another bike trail opens in Hemsedal. It is a multi-use path that turns into a green bike trail. You will find it at the top of the lift and the start is on the left after the entrance to Hemsedal rides. The trail is 2 km long and is a circular trail towards Sollaust and the area below the peak Totten.
The first part of the trail is flat and suitable for everyone, it leads to Sollaustbekken where you can enjoy a great view and take a break.

Next summer another new trail will open. It is a 7 km red trail that starts at the top of the lift and winds its way down the mountain towards the center and Fyri Resort where one connects with Silverstone which takes you back to the lift again for the next trip up the slopes. The path starts together with the multi-use path towards Sollaust, but then takes off down towards the centre.

Hallingdal Rides

Hallingdal aims to become Norway's largest trail bike destination and we have many great trails and pump tracks that you can challenge yourself in this summer. There are several new trails opening this summer all over Hallingdal, and everything is only within 30min-1h 15 minutes by car. You will find more info about Hallingdal Rides further down.

Hemsedal rides - Silverstone

Distance: 6.6km
Duration: 1h
Height in meters: 486m




In Hemsedal Rides, you can test out one of Norway's roughest flow trails with a fantastic view of the mountains.

Silverstone is a berms and rollers paradise swirling throught the birch forrest of the resort. 

You start by taking the lift up with your bike and the trail begins when you get off the lift and starts with a small loop up the terrain before you bike down towards Skigaarden and continue down towards the bottom of the ski centre. Here you can enjoy 8 km of clean flow trail to the bottom of the resort and for those who want to bike several laps at altitude, a return trail has been built to the Fjellkafeen, which gives a lap of approx. 2.3 km.

 There are many marked stops along the trail and we recommend everyone to take a break in between to catch their breath, shake off lactic acid and look at the fantastic view. See the lift's opening hours.

Be sure to check out the green and blue trail, with starting point at the same place as Silverstone. They are called Broadway & High Line.

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Rules for biking in Hemsedal:

  • Biking is at your own risk. Choose routes that fit your level and fitness. Help others if they have hurt themselves or need help otherwise.
  • Be considerate to others.
    Reduse your speed when your are passing hikers or other bikers. Make them aware that you need to pass. If you are passing from behind it is your duty to give way. Be special aware of crossings.
  • Adjust the speed.
    Make sure you are able to stop if you meet unforeseen obstacles in the trail. Remember the substrate changes due to the weather.
  • Don't make unnecessary stops in the tracks. Look behind you and move out of the way for others. Don't stop in steep hills, turns or jumps.
  • Show respect for nature and wildlife. Don't leave rubbish. "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints".

Biking in the bike park:

  • It is the bikers responsibility to know and follow the rules.
    Follow the signs and instructions for usage of the chair lift and biking. Violation of the rules may cause confiscation of lift pass.
  • Helmet is mandatory while biking.
    Recommended protective equipment (besides helmet) is protection for back, knees and elbows, and gloves.
  • Intoxicated people will be expelled.
    Alcohol and narcotics destroys judgement and performance, something that increases the risk for everybody enjoying the mountains.
  • The lift pass is personal.
    Persons who tries to use the lift with another persons pass will have the pass confiscated.
  • The biker is responsible for its surroundings.
    It is the bikers responsibily to avoid damage to other people, lifts and property.

Common sense in biking

To be able to enjoy trails are not a human right, but a privilege. Follow NOTS (Norwegian Organisation for Mountain Biking) guidelines for common sense while biking:

  1. Be considerate and helpful when you meet hikers.
  2. As a biker you always have the duty to give way for hikers.
  3. Limit your speed so that you do not harm or disadvantage others, especially along roads and trails where speed increases easily, or in unclear areas..
  4. Slow down before you pass others on a narrow path.
  5. Do not make new tracks. If you do not have the skills to avoid an obstacle, get off the bike and walk pass it.
  6. Avoid biking in vulnerable areas after rain.
  7. Do not make the trail wider by biking around puddles and obstacles.
  8. Carry the bike through marshlands to avoid making deep tracks.
  9. Do not use back break in steep trails.
  10. If two bikers meet in a hill, the biker going down hill have the duty to give way.

BIKE PATROL - TLF. +47 97 54 41 29

Hallingdal rides

Stisykling på Golsfjellet Visit Gol Paul A Lockhart

Gol rides

30 minutes away from Hemsedal
Den Ravinde i Nesbyen Foto Lars Storheim

Nesbyen rides

45 minutes away from Hemsedal