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Opens Des. 3rd

Skistar Hemsedal

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Skiing in Scandinavian alps - Hemsedal

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Season starts Friday 3rd December

Opening hours:
From the start of the season until February 4 at 0900-1530
From 5 February to 1 May at 0900-1630
- Christmas Eve 24.12.21 closes at 1400

Morning ski Saturdays:
25.12.21 to 26.3.22 at 0730-0900
- Not Saturday 12.3.22 due to Hemsedal Up`n Down - Extra morning Sunday 13.3.22

Evening skiing Fridays:
7.1.22 to 25.3.22 at 1800-2030

Non-stop skiing Tuesday and Wednesday:

21.12.21 to 23.3.22 at 0900-1900


Opening hours

Seasonstart til May

Every day: 9am-3.30pm/4.30pm*
Morning skiing Saturdays:

Dec 25th-March 26th - 7.30am-9am
Night skiing Fridays:

Jan. 7th-March 25th - 6pm-8.30pm
Non-stop-skiing Tue-Wed:

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