Nils Erik Bjorholt90
Høgeloft IH

Høgeloft 1120 - 1920 m

Demanding hike with 800 m elevation. The trip is 12.1 km and will use about 7.5 hours. The tour is not marked, so you have to use a map and compass. Adhering to an old tractor road at first, until you come to a crossroad and here one must keep to the left. If not then you come to the wrong side of the mountain! After about 4.5 km you have arrived at the trail on the right. From tank top right and top is rocky and there is no clearly marked trail. Follow the cairns and use a map and compass.

Høgeloft is Hemsedals highest mountain with a breathtaking panoramic view of Hemsedalsfjella and Jotunheimen. This tour is also very nice in the winter.