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There is a great focus on climate and the environment also within tourism. Did you know that you can holiday a little greener by choosing companies that have an environmental certification?
5 min
Updated 11 December 2023

Tips for a more sustainable holiday in Hemsedal

In Hemsedal, we have several companies that have various types of environmental certification and all work with proven sustainability.

As a destination, we are now working to become a sustainable destination.

What does a sustainable destination mean? Sustainable tourism is creating a tourism life and a tourism industry that takes care of the needs of the people who are out and about today, without harming and destroying the opportunities of future generations to travel to see and experience the same.

This is very important to us in Hemsedal and we hope that all our guests are as concerned about the environment and sustainability as we are.

Choose a greener option when you go out to eat, choose a business that is an Eco friendly

At the bottom of Hemsedal Ski resort you will find Lodgen Spiseri, which was recently recertified by Miljøfyrtorn. They have a varied dinner menu where you will find, among other things, venison from Hemsedal. At Logden Spiseri you can enjoy yourself all day, from the delicious breakfast to the coffee break, lunch buffet and the large cocoa menu after the day's skiing is over.

Fjellkafeen at the top of Hemsedal ski center has now been recertified as a Miljøfyrtorn. Here you can enjoy everything from a delicious breakfast, to a coffee between trips and a hot lunch.

At Skistua you can also enjoy yourself throughout the day, right from breakfast, lunch and at the weekend the après ski starts at 15. Here you will find classic skier food such as wiener schnitzel and caesar salad which you can enjoy while looking out over the slopes in Hemsedal ski centre.

In the middle of the trail is Skigaarden, which has both accommodation and restaurants. Here you will find three different eateries Dagligstugu serving stone oven-baked pizzas, in Eldstugu everyone who loves burgers will enjoy themselves and in Storstugu you will be taken on a culinary journey with local flavours.

At Hemsedal Cafe you can eat local meat from the farmer at Hulbak and in summer the vegetables come from Gol and Hemsedal. Then proven work with both a local focus and for a sustainable company. Read more about the collaboration that Hemsedal Cafe has with Brandvoll Gård.

At the grocery stores

Here, some of the grocery stores in Hemsedal have linked up with the "Too Good To Go" app and offer food products that have expired or will soon expire. This means that we are together in the fight against food waste. To Good To Go can be found, among others, at Coop Extra, which you will find in the middle of the city centre.

Travel a bit greener with Din Taxi

If you choose Din Taxi when you are in Hemsedal, you choose a company that is Eco-Lighthouse certified and can take that taxi with a slightly better conscience instead of walking or cycling.

Greener training with Helselaben

The Helselaben training studio in the middle of Hemsedal is the Environmental Lighthouse. Here you will find a gym, massage, chiropractor and muscle and manual therapy. The fitness center is new and bright with good ceiling height, and a large selection of fixed machines, cardio park, loose weights and a large functional zone. They also have drop-in classes and offer various PT packages.

Are you going to fix the house or do you need something for the cabin?

Both Maxbo and Montér are Miljøfyrtårn certified and probably have everything you need from a hardware store. They are both located in Ulsåk, just outside the center of Hemsedal and are open six days a week.