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Viking House

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At Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, Norway, the Viking House is a spectacular Longhouse that draws inspiration from the Viking Age. Set by a stunning lake, its living roof seamlessly blends it into nature. Immerse yourself in the authentic Viking way of life and awaken your senses with indulgent feasts, the soothing warmth of hot tub and sauna sessions and invigorating cold plunges.

On the sunny side of the valley, just 15 km from Hemsedal’s famous Skistar Ski Resort, Huso Lodge provides a tranquil haven amidst picturesque surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded ski resort. The large cottage is next to Hemsedal's most beautiful cross-country skiing area, which takes you out for over 200 km of well-groomed cross-country skiing trails in valley and forest terrain on the Hemsedal and Gol mountains.

The Viking house has a modern kitchen with several fridges, stoves and dishwashers to accommodate larger groups. The dining room is in Viking style, with room for up to 30 guests. The living room has a traditional Norwegian-style fireplace, an unobstructed view of the lake next door, and direct access to a generous terrace. With 12 bedrooms and three bathrooms, each with several showers and three separate toilets, this large cabin can host up to 30 guests.

The cottage has direct access to an outdoor terrace with two exclusive wood-fired hot tubs and one barrel sauna, the latter of which is equipped with a fish-eye lens to fully immerse your body and senses in the extremes of raw nature. The small lake just steps from the sauna offers a refreshing dip and a strong boost to the immune system, should you take a plunge!

High-speed broadband allows work, recreation and well-being to be combined.

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Large cottage for quality time with friends and family
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