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5 - Challenge/Winter Games

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Hemsedal Fjellsport offers options for groups and companies. We provide climbing and mountain activities, river activities, team building, and group activities. The program is tailored to each group, with group sizes ranging from 5 to 500 people, and activities can be conducted at the location of the customer's choice. Get in touch, and we will create a program that suits your group.

5-Challenge/Winter Games

An informal competition where the group is divided into teams and competes to win the trophy. The tasks are diverse, challenging teams both physically and mentally, testing their visual, construction, attention, and teamwork skills. There is always a great atmosphere, and plenty to talk about afterward. The activity can be customized for the group in both content and duration.

During winter, we often incorporate several snow and winter-related tasks such as 4-person skiing and human curling. It can be conducted wherever the group desires, but if outside the climbing center, it's also possible to include a station inside the climbing center.