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Teambuilding with Hemsdal Fjellsport

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Team building and activity programs for groups and companies. This will be a program that can be implemented where each group stays. The activities lasts 1.5-2 hours, but we can also customize this to every single group.

Klatretårnet 14 KH 13

Teambuilding with Hemsedal Fjellsport

The group is divided into different teams of 6-12 persons to solve various puzzles together.

There will be:
- Physical tasks
- Creative tasks where an instance to build / construct
- Collaborative tasks where the whole group must work together
- Some intellectual tasks, quiz etc.

On all tasks will get points so finally can announce one winning team. The aim of the activity is first and foremost to do something fun together all along. It is welded and socially.

Price will vary according to the size of the group. Please contact us for an offer. There will be no maximum number of one such scheme.


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