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Harahorn Fjellgård

HARAHORN Joel Hypponen 46

A royal estate and mountain lodge (1100 m.a.s.l.), in one of Norways most beautiful and untouched mountain areas. Harahorn = a place you need to see

HARAHORN Joel Hypponen 38

In one of Norway’s most beautiful and untouched mountain areas, only a 20-minute drive from Hemsedal center, you will find Harahorn. Located 1100 meters above sea level, built like an old royal estate and mountain lodge with charming cabinsin different sizes that blend harmoniously with the landscape.

Harahorn is perfect for groups that want a place to themselves. The beautiful surroundings offer rest, inspiration, and great nature experiences. The different houses provide every imaginable solution for different types of groups; small as well as large. Here you can celebrate your three day long fairytale wedding - with the marriage ceremony in our own chapel. There is also space for seminars, parties with friends, or the informal, intimate department meeting. We combine a long experience of advanced arrangements with respect for individual needs and demands. Our goal as hosts is always to make sure your stay at Harahorn will be as successful, enjoyable, and unforgettable as possible.


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