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Weekends and daily in holidays

Høyt & Lavt Climbing park

Hoyt o lavt klatrepark NEB 18 45

Climbing park in Hemsedal

C94 A2133

Get an adrenalin rush when zipping over the river Hemsila into our new climbing park. The park is situated in the town center of Hemsedal by the sport store MOH+ Sport.

The climbing park is accessible for all ages and it is a 12.5 m high climbing tower where you can take the zipline in to the park.

  • 5 Tracks
  • 60 obstacles
  • 9 Ziplines
  • 2 Climbing walls
  • 1 Quickjump

Book online at


Opening hours 2024

08/6-16/6 Sat - Sun 10:00-16:15
22/6-18/8 Mon - Sun 10:00-17:15
24/8-29/9 Sat - Sun 10:00-16:15
30/9-6/10 Mon- Sun 10:00-16:15

See our website for more information.

HL Logo Hemsedal CMYK NEG 2


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Cw V Huqv Kd9x
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Cvtik5 Uq L Hk
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