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Now you can simply get Hemsedal right in your pocket. Destination Hemsedal launches the Hemsedal app with trip tips, hiking, cycling, restaurant tips and much more.
By: Hanne
2 min
Updated 14 June 2023

With an app, we can offer a paperless and sustainable experience in the mountains. By launching this innovative app, Hemsedal is taking an important step towards reducing its environmental impact and at the same time providing visitors with a more practical and sustainable solution.

The app helps to give you a unique experience of the mountains and nature. It offers extensive information on cycling, walking, activities, historic routes, restaurants and maps. With Hemsedal right in your pocket, you can now easily find out where you want to go for a walk and what you can find when you are in Hemsedal.

You can explore Hemsedal in a new way, whether you are by bike, on foot or on skis. With information on activities, restaurants and historic routes, you can get a holistic experience of what Hemsedal has to offer.

By using the already established and international Outdoor Active system as a platform, we can offer accurate and up-to-date maps and routes, as well as information about the weather conditions in the area. This enables visitors to plan their outdoor activities in a safe and reliable way.

Another important factor is that the app is available in two languages: Norwegian and English. We want to host all visitors, no matter what language they speak. By offering the app in several languages, we ensure that everyone can benefit from the information provided.

The app will be available from today 8 June and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Download the Hemsedal app today, and experience the mountains in a more sustainable and practical way!

With Hemsedal right in your pocket, you can now easily find out where you want to go on a trip and what you can do when you are in Hemsedal.
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