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Hemsedal Fjellsport has created a new cool product in Hemsedal and now you can join a spectacular Via Ferrata trip to Røggjin and spend the night in tents along the mountain wall to Røggjin.
Av: Katarina Wälås
1 min
Updated 06 May 2022


This is an adventure out of the ordinary. Hemsedal Fjellsport has in collaboration with Fjellspesialisten started Skysleeping which can now offer climbing tents for accommodation along the south wall of Røggjin.

Here you can join a spectacular Via Ferrata trip to Røggjin and enjoy the magical view from your very own climbing tent in the mountain wall. Skysleeping offers a complete and unique experience in nature, including guiding and accommodation in portaledge - a climbing tent that is attached to the mountain wall.

With competent and experienced guides who join the adventure from start to finish, this will be the summer's most adventurous accommodation. The guides ensure your safety all the way and to give you great nature experiences.

Read more about it and make your reservation on Skysleeping

If you have questions about Skysleeping, contact them at 905 19 399

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Airy stay
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South wall of Røggjin