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proHemsedal is a newly started booking and sales company. Behind the venture are the founders Andreas Tangberg, Astrid Khile Jordan and Karin Follesø. All three were laid off as a result of covid-19 and thus received a push for the idea they had been talking about for a long time. They all have long journeys through tourism in different positions.
Inger Hutchinson
3 min
Updated 26 July 2021

I talked to Andreas Tangberg who is marketing manager in proHemsedal and he told me that the three entrepreneurs often experience that small companies do not have the finances to have a professional sales team. The business idea of ​​proHemsedal is to offer this as a service and they will be the link between tourism companies and customers in the private and corporate market.

They want to be the cold sales team for hotels, restaurants and activity companies in Hemsedal. They are clear that Hemsedal has more to offer than many are aware of and their job will be to tailor offers for the guests based on their needs and requirements.

Something that is a little different with proHemsedal than other booking companies we know, is that one of the focus areas is to offer cabin rental for those who want to experience the little extra through a unique personal service. When the guest checks in at the cabin, the guest should get the same experience that they get when they check in at a hotel. If the guest so wishes, they can arrange both for example breakfast delivered at the cottage, massage and unique experiences. The sky is the limit.

proHemsedal is located in premises at Rampa shopping center, so if you want to have a chat to hear about the possibilities, just drop by. You are always welcome for a coffee and a nice chat, whether you are a cabin owner who is considering renting out your cabin through proHemsedal or are simply just curious about the new venture.

We look forward to following proHemsedal further.