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"Stolpejakten" is coming to Hemsedal this summer.
5 min
Updated 15 May 2024

"Stolpjakten" is coming to Hemsedal this summer

The Pole Hunt in Hemsedal involves finding poles strategically placed around our beautiful municipality. Participants can register their pole visits on paper, through the website, or by using the app. The goal is to engage both young and old, regardless of ability, and provide everyone with a fun and engaging way to explore Hemsedal.

The poles will be placed in various areas including the town center, Fiskum, Totteskogen, the lift area, Hulbak, and Steget.

The Pole Hunt is a free activity. Maps and information will be available at several locations in Hemsedal.

More information about the Pole Hunt will be provided soon!

How "Stolpejakten" Works

To participate, you first need to obtain a map showing the locations of the poles. This map can be available either in physical form or as part of a mobile application that can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store. Once you have the map, you're ready to head out and start the hunt. The poles are marked with different difficulty levels, allowing participants to choose routes that match their skill levels.

When you find a pole, it can be registered electronically by scanning the QR code with the app or manually by noting the code on the map. Registration provides participants with an overview of which poles they have found and how many are still left. This can be done directly on the map or via an online portal, and it requires the simple creation of a free account.