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Chieftain's Hall
celebrate as Vikings

Chieftains 1
Chieftains 2 2

At Huso Lodge, we offer several venues, and although each of them is different, they all have one thing in common – pure surrounding Norwegian countryside, great service, and absolute privacy.

Celebrate exactly as the Vikings once did, the space is made for it. Be seated behind large wooden tables and benches for up to 100 people aligned around tall wooden poles with fire torches. Walking further you notice a large open fire-pit ideal for roasting lamb or pig, or just for having powerful bonfire. Looking up the ceiling you see two big hatches which when open up, bring the only natural light into the hall. Next to the fire pit you find a bar station and on the opposite side a few inches elevated floor deck for the most important kings and queens of the night. The walls are decorated with traditional Viking tools, swords, shields, and some stuffed animals too.

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