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Hemsedal is a popular choice all year round for bridal couples both from Hemsedal and visiting couples from home and abroad.

Bryllup kapell


If you want to get married in Hemsedal Church, Lykkja Chapel, Stavkyrkjetomta, or at Skarsnuten, Fausko skysstasion, or Harahorn, please contact Hemsedal Kykjekontor.

Lykkja Chapel is mostly used for weddings in the summer, but winter weddings are also an option for those who wish.

A local priest in Hemsedal can be the one to wed you, or you can bring your own priest. If one of you lives in Hemsedal, use of the church, organist, church servant and priest is free.


Opening hours church office:

Monday - Thursday from -

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