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Fjøset er en koselig butikk på Engene Gård i Hemsedal. Vi selger Alpakka produkter, muklukker fra Manitobah, pels jakker fra Møller og interiør fra Light & Living, Denim Studio, Islow nikkers og One Season Australia

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Welcome to a pleasant trade at Engene Gård in Hemsedal

The barn is a shop that primarily sells alpaca products from Peru. We are a fair trade shop that helps single mothers in Peru by selling beautiful handicrafts. We design products and here you can find everything from scarves and shawls, sweaters, ponchos, jackets and coats.

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We also have shoes from Manitobah in Canada. Gorgeous shoes that are suitable for Norwegian winter and Norwegian summer. Manotibah customers support by buying indigenous-owned companies in Canada. Each pair of Manitobah Mukluk comes with an original certificate, which shows how important the company's role is to the indigenous people.

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A new addition to our store are beautiful interior products from Light & Living, trousers from Denim Studio, knickers from iSlow, summer dresses from One Season Australia and JEFF.

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