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Six18 is a production & development company for properties and events.

six18 AS by Fiona & Henning Erlandsen, we have been involved in property and event development for over two decades now, all over Europe, then later in Norway ( Pure Hemsedal AS - 2011 -six18 as - 2013 ) where we have developed and build for great clients privately and the corporate marked, build also our one fully owned, apartment - commercial complex with now 10 apartments for long and short let. And various commercial locals with in it.

We are based in Hemsedal one of Norway largest winter resort destinations. Where we all year around have various clients we delivery either houses or cabins too. Said that we are also on the move with other great projects in Oslo and and on the beautiful coast or fjords of Norway.

We build larger event installations and delivery the houses, cabins and apartment buildings within the Norwegian building standard. With its materials to a high standard. Elements - constructions are SINTEF approved. ( Tek 17 ). We have off course " Developer Insurance" & Sentral Godkjenning for developing houses, cabins etc.


Our clients have different needs and priorities, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best for what you are after.
We can either help you with the whole process from A to Å. Drawings, planning, applications for permits to build. Cost planning and off course makes sure what you want is what you get. To whats it was planned from the start to the finished build.

Interior & Design

We are not expert in interior design :)
But we do have a great experience that could help you on the way. To make your new home looking stunning the way you want it.

Project & Construction Management

Its pretty straight forward, we do and provide what you want. Either we delivery the building, your house, cabin, trade show booth or other event installations, 100% finished within the agreed cost. Our we delivery part of the project as you want, also as agreed from the start.


Over the past 5 years we have build major installations with ByLarm.@ Youngstorget Oslo. Thousand of m2 with installations.


With Dagbladet we have build installations @ Reiselivsmessen, Norway Cup, Norwegian Wood to mention a few.

Nissan & Proud Robinson UK

For 2 consecutive years we worked along side Nissan & Proud Robinson to launch Nissan Leaf in Scandinavia. Test centres and build out like POP Cafes etc.

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